Group Travel Insurance

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Traveling in groups is a fun way to enjoy your time going places in the company of like-minded and fun-loving people. However safe it is to travel in groups, occasional loss of baggage, passport, cash, etc. can’t be entirely ruled out. Though your journey may not be totally spoiled by such accidents, what you must do afterward to continue the smooth fun-filled run is more important, and might even stress you to the core. For example, losing a passport in a foreign country can make things difficult for the entire group.
Group Travel Insurance is the best thing to spend some money on before starting the journey to be stress-free at the time of an emergency, theft or loss.
Planning a trip is itself a complicated task, and you make sure you have arrangements to keep your belongings secure while on the journey. A lot of research and time goes into play to finalize a perfect trip. If everything goes well, the trip becomes an unforgettable memory. However, if you lose your luggage, important document or cash, the whole experience will be a lot less fulfilling. Therefore, as a contingency measure, the traveling group can be ensured beforehand.
Individual Travel insurance comes with a host of benefits like the medical cover, lost luggage cover, etc. Group travel insurance, on the other hand, has some additional benefits, just like moving in the group has.

When Should You Buy?

Just when you are executing the plan of the journey, start looking for a sound group travel insurance policy as well. It is not necessary that the group should be your family or relatives for group insurance. Even if you are going for an outing with a bunch of friends, going to attend some meetings with your colleagues or going together to participate in any event. You can pick up a group policy for the whole bunch.
These schemes are specially designed for people traveling in a group of 5 members or more. If you have organized an event and you need to send a bunch of people to attend that or if you are an employee who has organized a trip, taking up this group policy becomes a must in that case as the expenditure incurred on a group trip is pretty high. Therefore, you should be prepared to curb all the unforeseen mishaps.

Here are the benefits of group travel policy:

  • Cover for a medical crisis
  • Money for urgent purchases, when your luggage is lost or delayed
  • Cover for immediate alteration in travel strategy or cancellation of tour
  • Reimburse if your flight is canceled or rescheduled
  • Cover for misplacement of essential documents like passport

Simple Conditions:

  • The group should include the policyholder
  • Each member has to depart and return at the same time

Some Exclusions:

  • Insurance is not applicable for injuries while performing adventure sports
  • Anything that happened under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Prevailing medical conditions

Also, group travel insurance policy is certainly less costly than individual insurance. It covers every member without any differences.
Diverse policies might have different benefits and exclusions. You should decide to go for the one that suits your requirement better. Additionally, it will be great if you are aware of all the terms and policies and claim procedures.
What are the Different Group Policies Available?
Depending on the similar needs of a travel group, various types of policies are made available by insurers. Here is a list of commonly available group policies:

  • Corporate Travel Insurance: Provided for the employees of an organization. It can be taken for either domestic or international or both.
  • Student Travel Insurance: Usually provided to students traveling abroad on Student Visa. These are custom policies for the needs of students.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: Designed for people aged 60 years or more. Also available as an individual
  • Single Trip Insurance: The simplest form of travel insurance, available to a group of people for only a single trip.

SecureNow offers extra benefits along with insurance. Benefits include regular chat support, secure processing, etc. It is advisable that you study the advantages and features of different schemes and select the one that suits you best.
Picking the right policy is similar to choosing the right flights and accommodations, so make sure you go through the website of providers. To make your trip a remarkable expedition, pick the right group travel insurance policy and set-off for an unforgettable journey.