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Product Features

  • Universally Accepted

    Directors Liability Insurance recognized by investors, external agencies and international companies. Meets contractual requirements that you may have

  • Comprehensive Cover

    Cost of litigation against any executive or director of the company covered; Can be customized for litigation in India or worldwide

  • Original Retroactive Date

    Covers claims related to any event after the retroactive date. This is specified as the start date when the first D&O insurance was bought. Ensures that cases that come about several years after the incident also covered

  • Un-named insurance

    You do not need to list out all the directors and officers for the insurance. This makes administration simple, particularly if there are frequent changes in executives, officers or directors


Prior Period Exclusion

Claims pertaining to a period before the retroactive date are not covered. If there is a break in the renewal of the insurance then the retroactive date is reset to the start date of the new insurance. We prevent this by ensuring timely renewal

Known Issues

Claims that come about from an issue that was known before the insurance was bought are rejected. The insurer will cross examine the case closely to see when the company became aware of the matter. This can be addressed by clearly describing any known issues when you buy your first D&O insurance cover

Major Shareholder Exclusion

Litigation by major shareholders is excluded. The insurance carries a definition of major shareholders, generally linked to shareholding. The limit can vary between 15 and 30%. We can prevent rejection on this ground by increasing the major shareholder limits to cover most investors

  • Claim Documentation

    Provide the completed claim form, legal notices, court and other correspondence on the matter, estimate of legal fees, letter of subrogation. Do not admit liability without informing the insurer.

  • Add-on Covers

    An important extension is the Entity Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This add-on comes into play when an employee files a suit against an officer and the company itself. These cases are increasingly common and relate to wrongful termination, breach of trust and harassment.

  • Exclusions

    Contractual liabilities that are part of an agreement; major shareholder litigation, wilful and criminal acts, known issues before the insurance was bought, bodily injury claims, claims pertaining to retired officers after the discovery period.

Why Securenow


    We have specialized liability underwriters and tie-ups with international experts.


    We work with all insurers to get you the best options- both in terms of price and features.


    Cover notes are issued within hours of request. This documentation is sufficient for any contractual requirement.


    We manage all aspects of your claim - from preparing documentation to follow-up with the insurer.


    We will advice you on risk management best practices.


    See all your contracts renewal information in one place. Place service requests on PAM.


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