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Group Personal Accident Insurance Advantage

Comprehensive Cover
Covers accidental death, permanent disability and temporary total disability. It also covers medical expenses linked to accident.
Graded Sum Assured
It is possible to have varying sum assureds for different companies. Coverage can vary by grade, designation, profile, salary and marital status.
Education Grant For Children
Add-ons are available to cover education expenses for children in case of parent's death.
Fixed Benefit Payout
Benefit amount for disability payable as lumpsum, not linked to actual expenses incurred for treatment. Amount payable over and above Group Health Insurance claim.

How to ensure claims are paid?

Understand the Specific Exclusions

There are specific exclusions such as adventure sports, driving under the influence of alcohol, and maternity related complications. Often, these are not disclosed or understood by the insured.

Exact Disclosure of Occupancy

Since the risk varies considerably based on a person’s occupation, claims are rejected if information is found to be false at the time of claim. Insured should share the designation and work profile of the employee at the time of policy inception.

Timely Intimation

It is important to timely intimate the claim to the insurer. In case of death or involvement of third party, intimation to local authorities is also necessary. For example: FIR.

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We support you if you need to get medical tests done or would like access to our wellness programmes.

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Mediclaim Rating

A comprehensive, fact-based rating of all the individual health insurance products in the market. This is the benchmark for comparing health insurance.


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Life is uncertain. As per Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013, one person dies every 4 minutes due to a road accident in India. Personal accident insurance policy becomes relevant when such accidents take place.
The premium amount is determined by the occupation of people. Professional mountaineers, pilots, miners have to pay higher premium rate than people with low risk jobs such as bankers, professors, IT professionals.
When making a claim you will be required to produce complete personal information (name, age, gender, address, ID proof) along with death certificate, FIR report, post-mortem report, medical bills and medical certificate.
The typical cover offered by companies is 3 to 5 time’s annual salary. The higher the insurance the more security for the employee.
Premiums of Group Personal Accident are treated as expense deductible from the profit and loss of a company.
The risks covered are different. Health insurance covers medical treatment costs, particularly hospitalization. Personal accident covers accidental death and dismemberment. That’s why you need a separate personal accident insurance policy.

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