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Workmen’s Compensation policy – Buy (infographic)

A workmen’s compensation policy is important coverage for organizations. How to select a workmen’s compensation plan? Make sure that the coverage offered under this policy is comprehensive enough to cover all possible financial liabilities. Choose an experienced intermediary that can help you enhance and customize the coverage of your workmen’s compensation policy. An extra premium […]

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How do I buy a workmen compensation policy?

How do I buy a workmen compensation policy? A workmen’s compensation policy is an important coverage for organisations.It protects employersfrom financial liabilities suffered under the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 and also under Common Law. Every organization is financially liable to compensate its employees if they suffer any physical injury due to […]

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How Do You Get Workers Compensation Insurance?

One can buy workmen compensation insurance either through a representative of the insurance company(ies) or through the online medium. Traditional Method Online Method Traditional Mode of Application You can always approach an insurance company, agent, or insurance broker to enquire about the policy features. When opting for this method, apply through an application form provided […]

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