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How do I buy a Specific Marine policy?

The shipping and transport business involves a huge amount of risk. Even with all the risk control measures, unexpected events can still take place, thus putting businesses under financial stress. Being exposed to the risk of various man-made and natural disasters, marine insurance has become quite* a necessity for businesses involved in the trade. Specific […]

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How does Warranty Work in Marine Insurance?

A warranty is something by which the policyholder undertakes that some things shall or shall not be done during the tenure of the policy. It means, he affirms or negates the existence of particular facts. Warranties are like statements according to which an insured promises to do or not to do some particular things. Remember, […]

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What are the Steps to be taken for Buying Marine Insurance Policy?

If you are looking to buy a marine insurance policy, here are the steps that you need to take: Choose the Marine Insurance Cover Select your Broker or Insurance Company. A broker can provide you with multiple insurer options and also help to customise the available options to suit your needs and budget  Fill the […]

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