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Cyber Insurance: A game-changer?

Cyber Insurance: A game-changer? Cyber insurance is a new product in the market but it has proved to be essential for businesses in a country like India that prides itself as a software exporter. This insurance has become a necessity due to the growing use of the internet and the utilization of online services. It […]

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India’s cyber laws every organisation should be aware of

The use of electronic systems to store important personal and organizational files increased considerably after privatization in the 1990s. This has proved to be a boon for the industrial sector making the flow of work easier, faster, and efficient. However, it has made businesses vulnerable to cybercrime that has been on the rise nationally and […]

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Why a cybercrime insurance plan is a must-have

There is no denying that cybercrime is rising steadily in India. The number of reported cybercrimes increased by 6.3% between 2015 and 2016. This number almost doubled in 2017. As per a more recent PWC-DSCI report titled “Cyber Security India Market”, released in December 2019, the incidence of cyberattacks has tripled over the previous years. […]

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