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Advantages of HDFC eSecure Insurance

Unauthorised Online Transaction

Cyber crime insurance covers loss due to fraudulent use of the bank account and or credit/debit card and or e-wallets by a third party for purchases made over the internet.

Legal Protection

Cyber insurance plan covers not only financial losses but also the legal expenses upto full policy limit.

Family Coverage

This policy also allows you to cover not only yourself but your family members also. One has the option to get coverage for his/her spouse & 2 dependent kids.

Various Benefits

Cyber crime plan provides protection in the event of online breach like phishing, e-mail spoofing, e-extortion, identity theft, unauthorised online transactions, cyber bullying etc.

Benefits of HDFC eSecure Plan

Cyber Bullying/Harassment

  • In the case of cyber bullying, one may suffer depression, lower self-esteem, frustration, anger, suicidal ideation etc. This policy will cover psychologist charges upto 10% of the policy limit.
  • The event should occur on the internet during period of insurance.
  • Initial waiting period of 45 days is applicable in case of cyber bullying.

Protection of Digital assets from malware

  • In case of loss due to destruction or corruption of digital assets caused by the security event, insured will get reimbursement for restoration, replacement or recollection of digital assets.
  • Cyber crime insurance covers upto 10% of the policy limit for protection of digital assets.
  • An additional premium needs to be paid to get this covered.

Wider Coverage

  • This individual cyber insurance provides 100% protection against the unauthorised online transactions done by third party using your bank account or debit/credit cards or e-wallets.
  • HDFC eSecure policy covers monetary loss upto 25% of the policy limit In case of E-mail spoofing.
  • 100% cover for legal cost & expenses in case of legal dispute arising out of specified risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber crime insurance policy provides protection to customers in the event of online breach i.e. arising directly from the use of internet. It covers legal expenses, damage to e-reputation, identity theft, unauthorised online transactions, e-extortion, cyber bullying, e-mail spoofing & phishing. Each of the coverage has its own limits. Also, one cam also get the coverage for the protection of digital assets from malware by paying a little extra premium.
Standard exclusions includes illegal, fraudulent, deliberate or malicious act, any claim reported more than 6 months after the occurrence of the event, any unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance leading to loss, war, terrorism, looting and acts of government, prior acts & circumstances & does not cover any claims related to non-digital media. Also, any damage caused by journalist is not covered.
There is an initial waiting period of 45 days that's applicable only in case of e-extortion, cyber bullying and damage to e-reputation. An event that occurs within the first 45 days of the issuance of the cyber insurance will not be covered only for these issues.

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