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Lawyer’s Professional Indemnity Insurance Advantages

Policy For One And All

The policy will indemnify the lawyer, notary, legal consultant and law firm across India and abroad for loss up to the sum insured for any claim, as per the policy document, during the policy period.

Comprehensive Cover

Protect against failure to comply with deadlines, errors and omissions in litigation and providing inaccurate advice, loss or breach of confidential documents, failure to deliver the service agreed upon and conflict of interest. For instance, if a lawyer fails to file a paper within the deadline, resulting in loss of his case, the lawyer can insure against liability for error and omissions claims.

Retroactive Settlements

The policy offers a benefit of Retroactive period on continuous renewal of insurance whereby claims reported in subsequent renewals but pertaining to earlier periods after first inception of the policy, also become payable.

Complete Support

The insurance will pay for the cost of litigation, court fees and out-of-court settlements. Additionally, there will be timely reminders to clients when their renewals are due to avoid policy lapse and follow up on pending claims against the firm.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Pre-Policy Claims

  • If a matter is ongoing to court for the period prior to the purchase of the policy, the claim will get rejected. Claims can also be rejected for providing incomplete or misleading information to reduce the premium amount. This can be taken care of by disclosure of all past information at the inception of your professional indemnity insurance.

Conflict Of Interest

  • If a lawyer claims for professional indemnity when a client sues him and it can be established that the lawyer has financial interest in settling the mentioned claim, the claim will get rejected.

Non-Compliance With Policy Document

  • If the policy holder is unable to provide the information about the claim within a time limit and in the prescribed format given in the policy document, the insurer will reject the claim. We help our clients by making them understand the documentation of claim settlements and monitoring their claims process.

Get Multiple Quotes

SecureNow provides multiple options from leading insurance companies to make a better decision. The insurance can be customised to cover single lawyer or entire law firm.

Secure All Areas

Options for multiples insurances along with professional indemnity such as General Liability, Workmen Compensation and Cyber Bullying Insurance at additional premiums. Our insurances are provided at industry best price with add-on services.

Hassle-Free Service

SecureNow will take care of complete documentation and registration with all services provided at your doorstep. Continue providing legal assistance to your clients while we take upon us to secure you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lawyer’s professional indemnity insurance provides protection against litigation related to errors and omissions, negligence or failure to deliver the service agreed upon. It safeguards the lawyers interest.
Lawyer’s professional indemnity insurance can be taken by lawyer, notary, legal consultant and law firm from various specialization or field of their expertise across India and abroad.
There are various factors that influence the premium amount under lawyer’s professional indemnity plan such as –
  • The area of lawyer’s practice (general corporate, tax related, venture capital, etc) or risk group of the practitioner
  • The size of the law firm or the number of lawyers, legal assistants and other staff employed with the firm.
  • Past claim settlement
  • Limit of indemnity etc.
  • The duration of lawyer indemnity insurance scheme is typically 1 year, after which the policy can be renewed to avail protection against liabilities.
    As soon as the insured gets a legal notice or learns about a legal negligence, error or omission in the service provided, the insured must start preparing to file for a claim settlement and inform the insurance company within the specified time limit.

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    Strong Claims Support

    We manage all aspects of your claim - from preparing documentation to follow-up with the insurer.

    Value-Added Services

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