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About SecureNow Insurance Broker

SecureNow is a leading tech-enabled insurance broker. Through our online insurance capabilities, we help clients buy and renew insurance policies digitally. We provide an end-to-end solution to our clients, which includes providing insurance quotes, putting the insurance plan in place, and then support at the time of claims. We provide insurance quotations from all private and public sector insurers.

SecureNow caters to more than 30,000 commercial establishments. Annually, we help settle more than 1000 insurance claims. We have the experience of handling claims across all lines of business including Employee Benefits, Property, Marine and Liability insurance. In each line of business, we have handled multiple claims grossing to more than Rupees 1 crore.

Our unique proposition is to provide both technology and technical expertise to our client. Some of our tech tools include a) a mobile app, for easy access of insurance policy and file claims, b) a client dashboard, to manage online insurance policies, c) automatic reminders, to renew insurance policy online. We offer several add-ons to increase ease of using insurance. Such friendly tools include chatbot, whatsapp verification, eClaims status, CD ledger, and centralized support on phone and email.

We leverage our technical expertise to design and structure insurance plans for our clients. This is reflected in the insurance quotes that we offer. For clients looking to renew insurance, we analyze their existing policy and their risk exposure. Based on a thorough analysis, we recommend them to buy an insurance policy of the insurer with lowest cost and highest benefits.

Our technology and product expertise has enabled us to offer several insurance plans online. These are specifically meant to cater to urgent requirements of clients such as workmen compensation, and single transit insurance. Within a matter of a few minutes, clients can buy insurance policies online. Later, these clients can also renew insurance policies online.

If you are looking for any insurance policy. Click on any of the above products or call us to get insurance quotes instantly.

Tools to Buy and Renew Insurance Policy Online

Client Dashboard

View policies across multiple insurers and products at one place.


Attendance Tool - This mobile app helps track attendance and leave of employees. It is far more efficient than biometric devices. The location functionality can handle multiple locations and salespersons on the move.


Register and submit health insurance claims in a paperless way.


Downloads – Get all relevant insurance forms, documents with an easy download option. The tool is regularly updated. Particularly useful are the policy wordings that are available here.

Mobile app

Access your eCards to make cashless health insurance claims.


Hospital Locator – Identify and contact the nearest hospital or health care centre with our very own hospital locator. Identify hospitals that offer cashless medical facility for your insurances.

Premium Ledger

Manage premium float with the insurer for endorsements


Insurance App - A fully functional Android App where we send your group mediclaim cards and allow you to communicate with us 24/7. You can store all your personal insurances here, set reminders, access original documents and intimate claims to our servicing team at any time.

Hospital locator

Find nearby network hospital across insurers to avail cashless


Insurance App - A fully functional iOS App where we send your group mediclaim cards and allow you to communicate with us 24/7. You can store all your personal insurances and other documents, set reminders, and intimate claims to our servicing team any time.


Avail online consultation through VC with specialist doctors


CRM - Our fully functional customer policy administration portal provides all your insurance documents, active lists and contact persons in one place. The online uploads of endorsements and claims significantly increases efficiency. The system sends renewal reminders and updates seamlessly.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Our construction company is very pleased with SecureNow’s contractor all risk policy. It covers all our bases and is easy to manage.


The contractors all risk insurance from SecureNow is fantastic. The claims process is quick and hassle-free, and the coverage is thorough.


SecureNow’s construction insurance has been a lifesaver for our projects. The coverage is extensive and the service is excellent.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance is a tool to manage your risk. By buying an insurance, you purchase protection against unexpected financial losses. The insurance company pays you or someone your nominee(s) in an event of something bad happening to you. If you do not have an insurance and an accident happens, you may be responsible for all related costs.

There are two broad forms of insurance; Life Insurance and General Insurance. The main difference between life insurance and general insurance is that while former covers the life-risk of the insured, the latter offers financial protection against damage or loss other than life.

Some of the most popular types of general insurance available in India are; Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Fire Insurance. Travel Insurance & Marine Insurance.

An “insurer” or the insurance company is a financial organization that provides a range of insurance policies to protect individuals, families and businesses against the difficulties of financial losses in return for regular payments of premiums. The key responsibility of Insurance Company is to provide financial cover to their customer in the form of sum assured in case of occurrence of an adverse event, as stated in the policy.

Third-party motor insurance or third-party liability cover is a statutory requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is referred to as a 'third-party' cover as the beneficiary of the policy is someone other than the two parties involved in the contract (the car owner and the insurance company). The policy does not provide any coverage to the policyholder. However, it covers the insured person's legal liability for death/disability of third-party loss or damage to the third-party property. Third-party liability is sometimes also referred to as the 'act only' cover.

As Third-party insurance is statutory requirement, all non-life insurance companies are mandated to provide this cover to vehicle owners. In the Indian context, automobile dealers have an obligation arrange for a comprehensive insurance cover along with vehicle registration. Auto dealers provide this comprehensive cover as an add-on to the mandatory third party.

IDV refers to Insured Declared Value and is the maximum sum assured fixed by the insurer that is offered to you in case of theft or total loss of your vehicle. In short, IDV is the current market value of your vehicle fixed by the insurer.

Formula for calculating IDV for a new car that is equipped with extra accessories:

Insured Declared Value = [Company’s listed price – the depreciation value] + [Cost of vehicle accessories - the depreciation value of these parts]

Formula for calculating IDV of relatively older car that is not equipped with extra accessories:

IDV = Manufacturer’s registered price – the value of depreciation

Your car insurance premium is directly proportional to the IDV of your car. This means the higher the IDV, the more will be the amount of premium charged to you. You reduce the amount of premium by keep the IDV of your car lower than current market value. However, it is not advisable to opt for a lower IDV just to reduce the premium amount, as this may result in losses.

Insurance works based on the principle of pooling of risks. Insurance companies aggregate small risks spread across a large number of policyholders. In lieu of taking the risk, companies charge an insurance premium. In case the covered mishap occurs, insurers are liable to cover the damages.
An insurance company bears the risk of loss. The premium is paid directly to the insurer. An insurance broker is an advisor and service provider to the policy holder. Brokers help to identify the best insurance policy, compare insurance quotes, and then help to make a claim.
Yes, it is safe to buy an insurance plan online. You must get insurance quotes online from a recognized intermediary licensed by IRDAI. Always ensure that the payment is made to the account of the insurer.
Yes, generally premiums offered by online insurance providers such as SecureNow, is about 20% lower than alternate sources. Additionally, SecureNow offers much higher ease of buying, tracking and renewing insurance policies online.
Broadly, there are two categories of policies : life and general insurance policy, also known as non-life insurance. Examples of general or non-life policy include health, motor, fire, marine, travel, and home insurance. Examples of life policy include term, pension , and endowment plans.
No. SecureNow does not charge separate service fees to its clients. The brokerage earned by SecureNow is already embedded in the insurance quotation displayed online. Infact, because of the large pool of clients, SecureNow is able to negotiate lower insurance policy quotes for its clients.
SecureNow leverages deep insurance domain knowledge, relationships with insurance companies, and its size, to get insurance quotes that are much cheaper as compared to those offered by alternate sources.
SecureNow would offer you curated insurance plans. These plans are shortlisted after comparing multiple insurance policies. We offer multiple options, best rates, transparent features, claims support, and cutting-edge technology tools to track, manage and renew insurance plans online.
To make a claim, first you need to register the claim with the insurer. Second, you need to submit all documents required for the specific claim. SecureNow provides end to end assistance to its clients. You can file a health claim through, and track its status via app or our chat.
SecureNow will share quotes to renew your policy. Once you approve these quotes, we will share a payment link. You could make the payment to renew your policy.
Yes, you can. You need to authorize SecureNow to manage your renewal, and share the details of your previous year policy and claim details, if any. SecureNow will source best renewal quotes for you, and assist you with further processes for renewal.
This varies by insurance provider and product. For a few products, the policy copy will be issued instantly. In other cases, it can take upto 2 weeks for insurers to issue a policy.
There is no restriction to the number of times an insurance claim can be made in a year. The aggregate claim value should not be more than the overall sum insured.
Yes. SecureNow will assist you with the calculation of premium required for additions or deletions in the policy. We will get the changes endorsed in the policy. Post endorsement, you can track your premium float with the insurer and endorsement acknowledgement in our client dashboard.
SecureNow provides all its clients access to the client dashboard. Through which you can track the renewal date, premium paid, policy copy, claim history, and changes made in the policy. You can log on to the client dashboard with your registered mobile number through the View Policy and Card button on the home page.
You can access the policy wordings of major products and insurers from our download section on the home page.

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