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Advantages of Multimodal Transport Operators Liability Insurance

Meets Legal Requirements
Multimodal transport operator insurance helps the MTO operators and the enterprises who have converted into MTO, in getting the license by meeting the legal requirements as mandated by the law under section(3) of Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act,1993
Comprehensive Cover
A multimodal transport insurance policy covers losses from physical damage to the cargo or due to delay in delivery of consignment. It also provides coverage against consequential losses, errors & omissions, fines and duties and third party legal liability.
Safer Transactions
The number of multimodal transport operators has increased over the past few years. An MTO insurance policy facilitates safer and faster transactions between the transport providers and the trading companies who are operating on worldwide basis.
Fast Claims Settlements
Claim settlement process for an MTO insurance policy is fast and simple. Turnaround times are regulated by IRDAI. Claim process and documentation are handled by industry experts in order to ensure that claims get processed faster and efficiently.

Benefits of Multimodal Transport Operators Liability Insurance

Cargo Liability Cover

  • An MTO policy is designed to cover all the losses resulting due to physical damage or loss to the transported cargo and due to delay in delivery of shipment.
  • This policy provides coverage against consequential losses directly arising from the above mentioned condition
  • It also offers protection against losses arising from cargo's contribution to general average and salvage.

Regulatory Breach Cover

  • Multimodal transport operator insurance indemnifies the insured in respect of its legal liability to any claim arising from an unintentional breach of any regulation, legal or statutory provision
  • Policy also compensates for the penalties imposed by a duly constituted court, tribunal or government authority
  • Any breach directly related to import or export of cargo or immigration is also covered by the MTO policy.

Third party liability Cover

  • A multimodal transport insurance policy protects the insured for claims related to third party liability arising from an accident causing third party bodily injury or damage to someone's property.
  • An MTO policy covers those liabilities that an insured may incur while directly performing its insured services.
  • This policy also covers third party consequential losses directly arising from above mentioned conditions


The Policy covers legal liabilities arising out of:
  • Physical loss or damage to cargo while in care, custody and control of the insured, or a party who has contracted or sub-contracted to provide transport services
  • Consequential losses
  • Unrecoverable cargo's contribution to general average
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Fines & Duties
  • Third Party Liability
A multimodal transport operator insurance policy offers coverage to various transport providers such as MTOs, freight forwarder, hauliers, in-transit warehousing, shipping agents, packing and consolidating agents, clearing and forwarding agents, and custom house agents.
A multimodal transport operators insurance policy provides coverage for all modes of transport involved under one contract which could be either air, sea, road or rail movements. MTO policy will also cover if you are acting as agent for third party NVOC principles.
Standard exclusions under a multimodal transporters liability insurance policy are financial guarantee and insolvency, criminal offenses, dishonest and fraudulent acts, unexplained loss or shortages, fines, penalties, punitive and exemplary damages. Claims arising from any known prior matters are also excluded from the policy.
Policyholder should intimate SecureNow claims team and provide all the details regarding claim. Next, you need to submit the required documents along with duly signed claim form to us. We will later share the documents with respective insurer and coordinate with them. After the claim is scrutinised and approved, it will be settled.
In order to ensure that claims are paid you should share complete required details asked by the respective insurer. One should take all reasonable steps to avoid, minimise or mitigate a Claim. Also one should not be involved in any kind of criminal activity or dishonest and fraudulent acts. Delivering dangerous cargo should be avoided.
Documents required would include copy of billing lading, survey report, original invoice and packing list together with shipping specification or weight notes. Copies of correspondence exchanged with the carriers or bailees and claim bill should be submitted. In case of any other additional requirements raised by the insurer then those documents should be duly submitted for the faster claim processing.
In cases where there are two or more claims attributable to same incident or resulting from continuous or repeated exposure to the same or similar conditions, the limit of indemnity and deductible applicable under a multimodal transport operator policy will be applied on one claim and the claim will be payable accordingly.
Premium of a multimodal transporter liability insurance depends upon several factors such as limit of indemnity, gross revenue, number of TEUs (Twenty Foot-Equivalent Units) being delivered. As every factor can result in change of overall policy premium rates, hence all the factors are deeply analysed by our experts along with client's requirement
To start the coverage of a multimodal transport operator liability insurance policy, one should submit the below mentioned documents timely:-
  • Premium cheque
  • Proposal Form
  • Mandate Letter
  • Any other document as required the respective insurer
In order to get the best deal along with optimal coverage, it is advised to take the help of an insurance expert such as SecureNow. You can compare pre negotiated quotes and then can choose the most suitable plan for you. You can pay the policy premium through cheque, DD, net banking directly to the insurance company you choose to go with.
There is no fixed calculation for the loading of the premium charged due to past claim experience. Premiums do get impacted due to past claim experiences but it further depends on various other factors such as type of claim, insurer's claim experience for the category, claim status, final claim amount paid etc.
Differences between a carrier legal liability and an MTO are:
  • Carrier Legal Liability provides coverage for road movements whereas, an MTO policy provides coverage for all modes of transport involved under one contract.
  • Carriers Legal Liability covers the legal liability of insured for actual physical loss of or damage to goods while being transported within India only by a vehicle specified. Whereas MTO policy takes care of all marine liabilities of the logistics industry.
  • For an MTO, it is mandatory to have its services insured in order to get the license whereas the carriers who want to take this insurance should be registered under the Carriers Act.
There are various types of organisations operating as MTOs which majorly can be grouped under two categories :-
  1. 1. Vessel Operating MTOs who are the individual shipping companies or groups of consortia of shipping companies and the large exporters
  2. 2. Non-Vessel Operating MTOs who are freight forwarders, road transport operators, railways and airlines
In view of the provisions of Section(3) of the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act (MMTG), 1993, no person shall carry on or commence business on multimodal transportation unless he is registered under the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act,1993. “Multimodal Transport Contract ” to mean” a contract under which Multimodal Transport Operator undertakes to perform or procure the performance of Multimodal Transportation against payment of freight”.
Multimodal transport document is a document evidencing contract for performance of combined transport. This document is issued when the transportation of goods involve more than one mode of transport. Hence, in multimodal transport document, the carriers are called multimodal transport operator, who are liable for safe carriage of goods to place of delivery.

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