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Restaurants Package Policy Advantage

Comprehensive Cover
Wide range of coverage including legal liability towards bodily injury and property damage of the third party. Covers liability towards your employees under Workmen Compensation Act, Fatal Accident act and Common Law. The insurer will also pay for the death or disability of your staff due to accident. Also material damage and consequential losses are covered under this policy.
Exhaustive List of Perils Covered
This policy can cover your building, plant, machinery, furniture, mechanical and electrical instruments from wide range of perils like fire, lightning, riots, strike, bursting of water tanks and also the natural perils like flood, storm, typhoon. These are just some from the list, there is long list of perils which are covered. Also earthquake and terrorism can be covered by paying an extra premium.
Protection for Money
Loss occurring during money-in transit between the insured premises and bank and vice versa occasioned by theft, robbery or any other fortuitous event. Money on counter and money in safe, strong room and cashbox - securing money is covered under this policy so your business will not be interrupted due to these reasons.
Flexible Plan
You can customise this package policy according to your need that suits your business. There are many add-on covers which you can include in your base policy by paying an additional premium. This policy also gives you the option of covering the liability arising due to food and beverages served by you, sports facilities and swimming pool provided by you and other products offered by you.

Why Claims Get Rejected?


Non-disclosure of important information or hiding the vital facts may cause the Insurer to deny the claim. This can range from an inadvertent omission that was important to deliberate lapses to reduce your premium. So make sure you disclose all the relevant information to the insurer.

Incorrect Information

If you provide false information in the proposal form or make a fraudulent claim the Insurance becomes void and all claims forfeited. Claims can also be denied if you hide some facts and don’t maintain transparency with your insurer.

Policy Lapse

Claim will be passed by the insurer only if the claim is made when policy is in force. That is why it is important to pay the premium before due date and renew it without default. Claim is not paid if the policy is not renewed within the grace period.

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Restaurants package policy insurance policy provide wide range of cover to mitigate the risk to your valuable items. This policy is developed specifically for hospitality industry and covers risks such as fire, burglary, all risk liability and money
This policy is specifically designed for hospitality industry. All kinds of hotels and restaurants can buy this policy
Following perils are covered under the policy:
  • Fire and lightning
  • Bursting of water pipes and tanks
  • Riots and strikes
  • Terrorism
  • Natural disasters
There are many optional covers you can opt from, like product liability, burglary, money in safe, plate glass, public liability, fidelity guarantee, purchase protection, loss of baggage and personal accident.
The common exclusions under the policy are employee dishonesty, earthquake damage, willful negligence and consequential loss of any kind.

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