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Types of risk faced by Gym and Health Club

Client-related lawsuits
Negligent acts performed by gym staff may result in injury or damage to clients. This can result in a professional indemnity claim against the gym. Error and omission claims risk is high for professional trainers.
Property Damage
Any damage to a buiding or its contents due to fire, flood and other special perils can be a serious threat for the gym or health club business. There is a high risk of accidents resulting in loss to the assets and gym equipement.
Third Party Liability
Gym and health clubs deal with people every day which increases the risk of bodily or non-bodily injuries or accidents occurring to third parties within the gym premises. Third party liability is a major risk for gym owners.
Employee-related lawsuits
Gym staff or employees can sue gym owners against workplace injuries or sexual harassment. The risk of employee-related lawsuits is increasing rapidly and causes a series threat for gym and health club owners.

Cover relevant for gym and health club

General Liability

  • Gym liability insurance covers general liability for bodily injury and damage to personal property of a third party due to your business operation, equipment or machinery breakdowns.
  • Gym liability policy will also cover you against claims by clients if they get injured on your premises.
  • This policy protects your reputation, credibility and financial standing.

Professional Liability

  • Gym and fitness center insurance defends and pays on behalf of the fitness professional or trainer for claims alleging an error or negligence in the performance of professional duties.
  • Cover your dieticians, athletic trainers, or physical therapists in fitness center insurance against such claims.
  • Cover litigation expenses and compensation settlement cost when sued for negligence.

Additional coverage

  • Protect yourself against special liability exposures such as litigation related to swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas, rock climbing walls, day spa services, tanning services, massage and skin care services.
  • Property insurance coverage provides protection to your gym building and its content.
  • Employer's liability insurance and equipment breakdown coverage can be availed as an add-on cover.


The insurance coverage under a gym and fitness studio insurance policy are third party liability such as bodily injury and property damage, professional indemnity insurance for your employees such as dieticians and personal fitness trainer, employer's liability insurance and gym property insurance coverage. This policy can safeguard your business and employees from liability claims and business loss.
Yes, gym and health club insurance defends and pays on behalf of the fitness professional or trainer for claims alleging an error or negligence in the performance of professional duties. However, willful negligence is excluded from gym liability insurance. One should always consider going through the list of exclusions, provided in the terms of policy.
Besides regular cover in your fitness centre insurance, you can protect yourself against litigation related to swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas, rock climbing walls, day spa services, tanning services, massage and skin care services. As gym and health clubs provide various other services, these add-on covers can help in getting a complete protection for your business.
There are certain exclusions under gym insurance policy such as malicious acts, terrorism, molestation, deliberate intentional damages or misconduct etc. Any modification cost of machinery and equipments are also excluded. There is a list of exclusions in the comprehensive gym policy, one should always read that list thoroughly. Any incorrect information provided by you may also result in claim denial.
In case of any claim, you need to inform the insurer about such incident and do not admit any claim without insurer knowledge. Next step is to provide the notice send by the client (in case of public liability claims), estimated loss report (in case of property claims) and duly filled claim form to the insurer. During any claim, our claim team will guide you throughout the entire process starting from claim intimation to document submission.
Yes, general liability claims are covered under gym insurance so client injury claims will be addressed as it occurred in gym premises. For example, If the plate glass of your gym got broken and it resulted in bodily injury to third party, your gym insurance will cover such instances.
Yes, gym insurance cover repair cost of machinery breakdown. But if such incident happened due to improper or irregular machinery maintenance then it will be considered as gross negligence and the claim will be denied by insurance company. In order to cover gym equipment breakdown claims, one has to purchase machinery breakdown insurance coverage as a rider in gym insurance.
There are some instance for which the client may sue you for loss, like improper warm-up, equipment failure, slip incidents, accidents on rock-climbing walls and aggravation of existing injuries. Non-maintenance of equipment, wrong advice or negligence on your part can invite claims under gym insurance.
There are various factors that influence the premium amount of gym and health club insurance such as the size of the facility, valuation of gym assets, multiple risk location, the services offered etc. Generally premium payment is done annually. One should maintain proper safety measures and provisions as it might help you to get lower premium amount.
Yes, you can cover the newly purchased machine post policy issuance. In order to do so, you need to pay some marginally extra premium amount. The new machinery will be added on pro-data basis as an endorsement and will be covered in the policy immediately after making payment.
Premium payment under gym insurance policy can be done through cheque, DD, NEFT transfer directly to the insurance company you choose to go with. In order to get the best premium discounts and get optimal coverage, it is advised to take the help of an insurance expert such as SecureNow. You can compare pre negotiated quotes from various insurers provided by experts of SecureNow and then choose the most suitable plan for you.
The premium for gym insurance depends on various risks which you need to insure. These risks include fire risk to the gym property, failure or fault in an equipment, nutritional diets consultation and third party injuries. Premium can be minimized by implementing undertaken to reduce the risks, for example, fire alarms, proper maintenance of machines and equipments, employing trained and licensed staff and maintaing written customer service policies.
Gym insurance provides property coverage and safeguards the physical assets of the business from wide range of perils such as fire and earthquake. It ensures financial stability at the time of business catastrophe by covering the claims against damage to building and its content. Machinery or equipment breakdown will also be covered under gym property insurance coverage.
Gym liability insurance policy is specifically designed for personal fitness trainers, small gym owners, yoga instructors, health clubs and Pilates instructors. Be it a small gym or a health fitness club or a personal trainer, gym liability insurance is a must-have insurance policy to get protection against error or omission or negligent act.
Every professional service is exposed to certain risk areas and it is a requisite to avail insurance protection against such range of risks. Gym insurance safeguards you against financial hardships arised due to lawsuits in case of negligence, error or omission or malpractice. Anything could happen tomorrow, it is important to be prepared for such events and add an additional layer of safety to your gym services by purchasing this policy.
It is advised to contact an insurance industry expert such as SecureNow as they represents the best interest of insured. You can compare per- negotiated quotes from various insurers provided by SecureNow and then choose the most suitable plan for you. The quotes provided will be of fair price that is discovered after several rounds of negotiations with insurers.


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