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The Benefits of Export & Import Insurance

Meet Contractual Requirements

Export and Import cargo insurance meets contractual requirements that may oblige you to protect buyer's or their banker's interest. This is an important aspect while shipping goods CIF and CIP.

Limited Carrier Liability Cover

This Marine Insurance cover offers overall protection to your cargo because freight forwarder and carriers' liability in the event of loss is limited. Also, they are not legally responsible for the most common causes of loss.

Customised Policy

Export import cargo insurance can be customised specifically to your requirement. For instance, damage to cargo due to heating, breakage, leakage or damage due to extraneous causes can be covered.

Clear Loss Assessment

Export insurance follows internationally accepted principles of total and average loss while estimating loss value. Total loss is when the cargo is completely destroyed while the average is when a part of it is damaged.

Quick Guide to Export Import Insurance

What Is Export & Import Insurance?

An Export and Import Insurance is designed to provide compensation to the exporters or importers for the loss or damage to the goods, whilst in transit, due to perils associated with transport. It covers for all possible damages to the cargo either onshore or offshore. This insurance policy can provide cover for the commercial risks (such as faults and delays in payment, bankruptcy) and political risks (such as war, riots, etc.); if they are covered under your policy. This policy can provide cover for multiple export or import shipments and also cover for damage against a lot of named and unnamed perils.

It is the contract between the insurer and the insured, tailored for the insured, for the reimbursement of damages caused to cargo due to various covered perils.

Types of Export and Import Insurance Policies in India

Insurers offer various types of plans under an export import insurance plan in India based on the needs of the traders. A few common types of export and import insurance policies are:

  • Specific Policy: this is a policy under export and import insurance that is only applicable for one consignment. You can buy such online transit insurance here.
  • Open Policy: Open policies are created for regular traders. This policy is designed to cover for all trades during a specified period (say 12 months).
  • Sales Turnover Policy: Such a policy is a comprehensive insurance for all types of transits for a company. This would include both domestic and international transits. Further, it will cover all types of transactions such as purchase, sale and warehouse movement.

Benefits of Export & Import Insurance Policy

Wide Risk Coverage

  • The Marine cargo policy provides the international covers defined under Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC) as ICC (A), ICC (B) and ICC (C), which cover different levels of risks and are universally accepted.
  • Export cargo insurance covers perils like fire, lightning, stranding, grounding, sinking or capsizing of vessels etc.
  • Maritime, extraneous and strike perils can also be covered under the marine cargo insurance.

Legal Requirements Cover

  • Export Import Insurance fulfills the obligation under the Letter of Credit as this insurance may need to be presented to the bank if requested in order to get your money.
  • This insurance may be demanded at the port by some countries during import operations in order to complete import procedures.
  • International cargo insurance takes the responsibility to expedite the release of cargo following the general average which is an internationally accepted principle.

Reduced Exposure to Financial Loss

  • As an exporter or importer, you can reduce the risk of suffering a financial loss if the goods are lost or damaged during transit by rail, sea, road, air or damage while loading or unloading.
  • You can include add-ons like war and strike clauses, and theft cover, in order to protect your cargo.
  • Export and Import Marine policy will also pay for the customs duty, removal of debris and loss of documents.

Export & Import Insurance Policy Exclusions

Below are the exclusions under an export import policy.

  • Perishable products: the damages caused to the products that have very less shelf-life and are prone to spoil on their own without any external forces will not be covered under this policy.
  • Improper packaging: It is always advisable to have a proper packaging of the goods transported. Claims can get rejected, if there are instances of damage to goods due to improper packaging.

Note: This is just an indicative list. The policy copy will have details of the exclusions mentioned in it.

Best Export & Import Insurance Policy Online in India

A marine policy designed for export and import is a very personalized product which depends on the needs of the policyholder/trader. SecureNow can offer you help with buying an insurance that best suits your needs by providing you a platform to compare on the coverages and benefits offered by various insurance companies. We urge you to submit your details on the form above, check for the coverage and submit a purchase request, and an export import insurance expert will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you identify the best insurance.

Documents Required for Export & Import Insurance Policy

Obtaining an export import insurance policy doesn't require a lot of documentation. Two major requirements are:

  • Declarations given by the client has to be correct
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) details have to include:
    • Occupation
    • Commodity details
    • Transit type
    • New or old cargo
    • Annual Turnover
    • Max value of consignment
    • Mode of conveyance
    • Loss History
    • These are some of the data points that are required in the RFQ for the policy to be materialized.

Claim procedure for Export & Import Insurance Policy

As soon as the loss is known this should be intimidated to the insurer. Insurer will appoint a surveyor to assess the loss. This would be followed by a list of documents required to establish cohesion and assess the actual loss. After reviewing the document, the insurer would provide a claim assessment. Typically, any marine loss entails disposal of the salvage as well. This could be retained by the client or could be sold to a third-party.

Frequently Asked Questions

The export import insurance policy, like any other insurance policy, is a contract between the insurer and the insured. An insurance company from which you opt for such an insurance issue the policy to the exporters or traders or the policyholders.
With an export & import insurance policy, your goods and cargo are safe all along the way while being carried through various modes of transport and transit. Export & import insurance policy protects exporters and importers from any losses incurred during transit, by compensating for the same. Thus, this policy protects the trade structure of every economy and is very important.
During an export-import transaction, the ownership of the goods gets transferred based upon the relevant INCO terms. The party who has the ownership of the goods will be at a loss when the goods get damaged. So, to cover such losses, it is always recommended to buy export import insurances.
Generally, regular traders prefer to buy an “open marine policy” which could cover multiple international transits. However, it is also routine for traders to buy insurance for single transits. In either case, one should prefer to buy an all-risk coverage under ICC (A) and ITC (A).Generally, regular traders prefer to buy an “open marine policy” which could cover multiple international transits. However, it is also routine for traders to buy insurance for single transits. In either case, one should prefer to buy an all-risk coverage under ICC (A) and ITC (A).


Can a Customs Duty cover be bought along with an Open Cover policy under export/import insurance?

Export and import insurance policies protect businesses and cover them against various risks. This policy helps the business owners to secure against a variety of perils involved in export and import transactions. An export and import insurance has various types of policies for different users.

And yes, a customs duty cover can be bought....

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What is a Cargo Insurance Policy?

The cargo insurance policy is specially designed insurance cover for goods in transit. It offers coverage to freight against all types of losses or damages from external causes during transportation whether by land, sea, or rail.

Usually, cargo insurance policies are freely assignable. However, in the case of insured goods being personal....

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What is Particular Average Clause in Marine Cargo Insurance?

It is referred to as the particular loss or damage which is caused to a cargo where the damages happen due to a particular peril and the loss is directly borne by the persons who are affected by the damages to the cargo. It means, in any situation, it is not possible to shift the burden of loss to other persons involved in the maritime....
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