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The Benefits of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Worldwide Cover

Commercial general liability provides worldwide cover for both territory and jurisdiction. Business operations present across the world could be covered, with the ability to defend litigation abroad

Legal Expenses

Commercial liability insurance indemnifies cost incurred to defend a claim including lawyer and consultant's fees. Policy can be issued on the basis of either Right to Defend or Duty to Defend

Customized Cover

Comprehensive general liability insurance can be tailored to suit unique requirements of the business model or a specific contractual need e.g., waiver of subrogation and additional insured clauses

Multiple Locations

A single combined general liability policy can cover multiple factories, and office premises spread across the country or globally. Certificate of Insurance can be issued for each location separately

Quick Guide to Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

What Is Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance?

Numerous Commercial General Liability Insurance plans are available. These include occurrence-based plans, Professional liability plans, and Broad form commercial plans. These include property damage, injuries, or losses during services or because of the company's product, or on business premises.

Some nations have deemed CGL coverage mandatory for certain companies because of to the associated dangers. While not mandatory in India, it is still advisable to secure CGL for added protection.

Most groups have at least one basic CGL coverage, which has benefits over different rules. CGL is large in its insurance and encompasses most dangers related to service or product companies. They also call it General Liability coverage.

Claims can price a fortune to an enterprise, resulting in loss or even shutdown of the employer in some cases. Therefore, investing in long-term Commercial General Liability coverage might seem like an unnecessary expense initially. Still, this policy has helped numerous organizations stay afloat amid hefty claims and allegations.

Understanding Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance is basically third-party liability insurance. It contains features of Product and Public liability insurance.

Product liability includes all damages and losses caused by the company's product or services to a third party. This encompasses health-related damage, medical expenses because of product use, and property damage.

Public liability insurance protects against public claims and cases against a company. It includes settlements in court and a compensation fee in most cases. Additionally, it also covers premises hazards and operation miss-managements.

It helps to understand the difference between claims-based and occurrence-based CGL policies. A claims-based policy activates when a policy holder files a claim, regardless of when the incident occurred. For instance, if you sell wafers, and a customer develops a severe disease because of long-term consumption. The claim filing date holds significance, irrespective of the purchase date of the product.

The policy protects your business by covering liability claims, including those involving directors and officers. As a business owner, this coverage safeguards your assets and reputation. Additionally, considering workers' compensation and employment practices liability is crucial for comprehensive coverage.

The occurrence-based policy works from the time when the event of the claim took place. If the policy was active at the time of the event, you get its benefits even if it has expired in the present.

Example of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Let's see a few examples where Commercial General Liability insurance may help a company:

  • Suppose a customer comes into the business premises and hurts himself during his time there. He can call a claim on the company for negligence and improper maintenance of the place. Depending on the damage extent, the company might have to pay substantial compensation. This applies even if the injury resulted from the customer's negligence.
  • You run a construction service agency. During the servicing, there are chances that the customer's property may face some damage. Neglecting switchboard maintenance may cause significant property, personal and advertising injury, as well as advertising injury during a fire. The company may have to bear the medical and reconstruction costs and a negligence fine.
  • You sell wafers, and internal negligence causes its spoiling. Customers experiencing health issues can file suits, and the company may cover medical bills.

In all the above cases, companies face unexpected costs because of claims by users or customers. This is where a Commercial General Liability policy comes in and saves you a lot of headaches and capital.

How Much Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of Commercial General Liability insurance varies based on your chosen insurer, policy, business needs, and revenue. The most basic CGL or general business insurance usually costs from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 annually for a small-sized business. The cost of commercial general liability insurance covers a wide range of risks and liabilities associated with insured premises.

However, businesses with more complex operations may have to pay higher premiums. Specific risky industries may get a higher because of high claim costs. Some companies even spend more than a Lac, on full-proof insurance policies.

This cost differs for each organization and changes with additional policies, deductibles, and other tailored options. Obtain quotes from various companies to get a better idea for your business.

Who Needs Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Almost all businesses operating in the market are prone to certain risks.

Certain industries, like food and beverage, pharma, beauty products, and real estate, face an elevated risk of insurance claims. This results from a greater chance of un-intentional harm.

Service-based companies, including construction, transportation, healthcare services, etc., are also risk-prone. Financial or legal advisory firms may face claims of false promises or diss-satisfactory results. Even small-scale companies consider investing in a worthy policy because of un-predictable market shifts and conditions.

Every business needs a basic liability insurance to cover potential costs, it's a safe assumption.

What Damages Does CGL Insurance Cover?

While coverage scope differs for each policy, here are some fundamental factors of Commercial General Liability insurance:

  • Injury by a product - -The company is liable for direct or indirect bodily injury caused by their manufactured products. CGL provides financial support in such cases.
  • Property damage - The Commercial Liability policy covers third-party property damage expenses and compensation from the product or service.
  • Advertising errors - A Commercial Liability Insurance policy covers incorrect warnings, unclear guides, and miss-communication causing customer loss. It also covers copyright issues.
  • On-Premises Injury - The company covers costs for customer or partner injuries on its premises. CGL helps in such situations by providing legal and financial help.
  • Completed operation - Some policies provide coverage even after the completion of the project. If a house you construct later leads to problems and damage, the policy covers the related costs.

What Commercial General Liability Insurance Does Not Cover?

These are the few limitations of the policy:

  • Employee injuries - Commercial Liability Insurance does not cover injuries or damage incurred by employees during work. Consider buying an Employee Protection policy for this subject.
  • Intentional harm - - CGL does not cover deliberate acts of cheating, lying, fraud, or causing injury. Such liabilities fall on the company alone. The policy only covers un-intentionally caused harm to consumers.
  • Contractual liabilities - Commercial Liability Insurance excludes liabilities assumed or agreed upon through a contract. For instance, if you sign a contract taking responsibility for damages, your policy won't provide coverage. You can add on the contractual liability as an indemnity claims policy.
  • Internal issues claim - Commercial Liability Insurance does not involve miss-understandings, discrimination, harassment, or unexplained termination claims within an organization.
  • Environmental liabilities - CGL does not cover environmental damage caused by the company's unrestricted practices and hazardous measures.

Documents required for Commercial General Liability Insurance

The following are the generally asked documents to purchase Commercial General Liability Insurance. Remember that some insurers may ask for additional documents as well.

  • Application form- Insurance companies ask you to fill out a form with your company details. It serves as a quick information source for each client. Official documents later verify the information.
  • Business permits and entity documents- Companies may ask you to show all business-related documents and ownership proofs. It includes licenses, approval forms, partnership agreements, history of transactions, etc.
  • Financial statements- The company may require you to submit your balance sheets and profit and loss statements for assessment. It gives the insurer an idea of your business size and revenue capacity.
  • Contracts or agreements- You may need to provide a copy of any signed ownership or liability-related contracts. It helps the company assess your liability and tendency for risks.
  • History of claims- Insurers ask for the history of claims that your company has faced in the past. It helps evaluate potential claims' extent and type.

What kinds of insurers offer Commercial General Liability Insurance

You can directly approach insurance companies to enquire about the various CGL policies available. These companies provide all kinds of property, captive, and casualty insurance to businesses through their websites or offline offices. Talk to the advisors for consultation on the policies suitable for your needs.

You can also buy the policy through an insurance brokerage firm such as SecureNow. Numerous advantages come with making purchases through a mediator. Access to data from numerous insurance companies can result in cost savings and improved insurance options.

You get expert advice and opinions on your policy. Obtaining customized solutions for your needs is easier. SecureNow provides complete support and assistance during and after the purchase of a policy.

How to Buy or Renew Commercial General Liability Insurance Online from SecureNow

These are the steps to follow to buy or renew Commercial General Liability insurance from the SecureNow website:

  • Please visit the official SecureNow website. Navigate to see which policies you prefer to buy/renew.
  • To initiate the process of obtaining quotes, kindly click the 'Get a Quote' button. You will need to complete an application form with your details. Mention all details clearly about the working and needs of your type of business.
  • Read the terms and conditions associated with the policy carefully. You can consider seeking expert advice and suggestions over the terms.
  • Submit the relevant documents. You can achieve this through both online and offline channels. Make sure you are ready with the documents and follow the guidelines properly. This will save time for any revisions or re-uploads.
  • Once you are satisfied with your policy, make the payment to purchase or renew it. SecureNow website provides numerous ways to make online transactions hassle-free.
  • Save the generated policy documents on your computer. Consider keeping printed copies with you in case any need arises.

Advantages to buying Commercial General Liability Insurance from SecureNow

SecureNow offers these benefits to its customers in a market with numerous companies:

  • SecureNow grants access to multiple insurance companies and their quotes, ensuring you secure the best policy for your business.
  • SecureNow has experts for support and guidance during the purchase of the policy.
  • SecureNow understands that every business is unique. We customize insurance solutions based on your needs. This ensures your policy aligns with your business's risk profile.
  • SecureNow has a user-friendly website to make the online application process more convenient for its users.
  • SecureNow provides support during the claim settlement process. We make sure you receive the claim money you deserve.
  • SecureNow offers its long-term customers the latest industry updates and policy renewal information, providing the best possible advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses are prone to unintended risks, such as customer claims, property damage, etc. Although certainty is elusive, companies can enhance safety by analyzing specific risks and implementing strategies. For example, commercial General Liability is an insurance policy that provides protection against bodily injuries, premise injuries, advertisement faults, etc.
You can analysze and assess the risks your business faces and make an informed decision. General Liability Insurance covers various liabilities, including bodily and property damage, contractual liabilities, product and operations liabilities. Consult the insured to determine your business's liability needs.
  • An insured contract under Commercial General Liability Insurance creates exceptions to include certain contractual liabilities in the policy. It extends the scope and coverage of the CGL.
  • For instance, if you accept responsibility for property or bodily damage in a contract, CGL will cover related expenses. This applies when you insure the contract beforehand.
  • The government does not mandate Commercial General Liability Insurance in India. Nevertheless, many businesses opt for this policy because of the numerous risks they face. For example, some clients may have contractual obligations of a CGL policy, which can hinder business operations. Also, legal fees can be high in India, which makes CGL a good choice for the Indian market.

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    Does General Liability Insurance Cover Property Damage?

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    Why Commercial General Liability Insurance(CGL)

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