Group Travel Insurance

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When you are away on an overseas trip, your house becomes vulnerable to theft. Here, a group travel insurance policy can help you if you have a burglary cover under it. Nowadays, various group travel insurance policies are offering burglary cover under their policy which states that if a burglary happens at your home while you are on a trip, the insurer will come forward and offer you financial protection to cover loss or damage that may arise due to burglary.

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In most cases, group travel insurance companies define the maximum limit under burglary cover. For instance, if the maximum limit is Rs 15,000, the insurer will any case not cover expenses above 15,000.

At the time of claim, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions to get the claim settled=

  • Upon the occurrence of the burglary, the policyholder shall immediately report the matter to the group travel insurance company and also submit the necessary claim forms duly completed with all the particulars
  • It is necessary for the policyholder to render all cooperation and assistance to the group travel insurance company. If the insurer has appointed a surveyor, the insurer should extend all its cooperation and furnish important details
  • After the burglary, it is necessary to inform the police having jurisdiction over the place of loss. As you would be traveling at the time of the burglary, you can file an FIR once you are back. Forward the same to the group travel insurance company
  • Once the matter is reported to the group travel insurance company, it is necessary that the policyholder doesn’t do anything on the property which could aggravate the loss. It is important to follow the surveyor’s guidelines with regard to the property

Documents to be submitted

For initiating the claim settlement process, it is necessary to submit the following documents

  • The statement of the claim gives the complete details about the items which are lost in the burglary along with their value. It should be supported by purchase bills, wherever possible. In case the purchase bills are not available, it is necessary for the policyholder to furnish such evidence which can help the group travel insurance company to compute the cost
  • First Investigation Report (FIR) or police report
  • Panchnama
  • An investigation report by the police
  • Estimation and final bill of repairs
  • Invoice of owned items, if the insurer wants
  • Any other document as required by the group travel insurance company for the settlement of the claim


T.N Engineering has its business spread throughout India. Last year, the company bagged a big deal of exporting engineering items to the company situated in Malaysia. Before sending the consignment, the engineering company sent one of its employees, Rajan to Malaysia.

In addition to various benefits, the engineering company was also offering a group travel insurance policy to its employees. The company had paid an extra premium to get burglary cover which protects the employees’ premises from the loss or damages caused by burglary or attempted burglary happens when they are away on a trip.

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When Rajan decided to travel to Malaysia, not only his journey but his house here in India was also protected under group travel insurance and burglary cover.

Rajan was staying in Delhi all alone as his family was in Pune. When it was the 15th day of Rajan in Malaysia, burglars attacked his house and took away items worth Rs 2 lakh. When in the morning, neighbors saw the locks of his house broken, they informed Rajan. As Rajan was in Malaysia at the time of the burglary and still there were ten days left in his trip, he registered his claim with a group travel insurance company via email.

Also, Rajan wrote an email to the police department of its area and informed them about the burglary. When Rajan returned from the trip, he submitted documents like a police report, a list of items lost along with their value, a complete account of the burglary, etc. The insurer carefully scrutinized all the documents and settled the claim accordingly.