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We find the best insurance for you. As your risk advisor, we design a comprehensive policy, negotiate competitive terms with insurers, manage your servicing requirements and help get your claims. We work with all leading insurers. Our fees are built into the premiums charged by insurers and are regulated by the Insurance Regulator, IRDAI. SecureNow serves over 1000 clients and provides insurance cover to over 100,000 people. Every year we help settle hundreds of insurance claims, several of these are over Rupees 1 crore in value and spread across multiple lines of business such as fire, marine and liability.

Every business or individual needs insurance to withstand an emergency or adversity. It is our responsibility to help structure and buy the right insurances. SecureNow deploys several technology tools, including a mobile app and a CRM system, to deliver insurance seamlessly and to make the claims process efficient. Our insurance advisors are well-trained to understand your requirement and suggest insurances beneficial to your company or you.
We want our customers to make an informed choice and so offer insurance quotes and terms to compare from at least three insurers. This facility is unique to us as an insurance broker, as we are entitled to deal with all insurance companies in India. Unlike, an insurance agent, who is tied to an insurance company, we provide insurance quotes from multiple commercial insurance companies in India.
To find the best insurance plan is time consuming and intricate work. Our expert guidance will not just assist you in buying a suitable plan but also in claim settlements. Whether you buy a group medical insurance, travel insurance, group personal accident or any other commercial insurance plans, we design these thoughtfully to offer utmost protection to your employees. To ensure transparency, we offer online insurance quotes for several corporate insurance products.
No two businesses are the same which is why we offer customizable solutions. Our business insurance specialists understand your divergent corporate needs and accordingly, offer customised corporate insurance products to ensure both your business and employees stay protected.
One of the impeccable ways to inculcate a feeling of belonging to a group is to show them how much you care, and indeed, group insurance is the best way to do so as an employer.

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Technology Tools To Make Your Life Simple


A Customer Policy Administration Portal


CRM - Our fully functional customer policy administration portal provides all your insurance documents, active lists and contact persons in one place. The online uploads of endorsements and claims significantly increases efficiency. The system sends renewal reminders and updates seamlessly.

Notify, For Android

An android app for electronic mediclaim cards and insurance reminders.


Insurance App - A fully functional Android App where we send your mediclaim cards and allow you to communicate with us 24/7. You can store all your personal insurances here, set reminders, access original documents and intimate claims at any time.


Location enabled attendance & leave management system


Attendance Tool - This mobile app helps track attendance and leave of employees. It is far more efficient than biometric devices. The location functionality can handles multiple locations and sales persons on the move.

Hospital Locator

Tool to search network hospitals with cashless facility


Hospital Locator – Identify and contact the nearest hospital or health care centre with our very own hospital locator. Identify hospitals that offer cashless medical facility for your insurances.


Ready access to proposal forms, policy wordings, claim forms, and network hospital list


Downloads – Get all relevant insurance forms, documents with an easy download option. The tool is regularly updated. Particularly useful are the policy wordings that are available here.

Notify, For iOS

An iOS app for electronic mediclaim cards and insurance reminders


Insurance App - A fully functional iOS App where we send your mediclaim cards and allow you to communicate with us 24/7. You can store all your personal insurances here, set reminders, access original documents and intimate claims at any time.

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