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SecureNow places a Solar Module Performance Warranty Insurance In India

Delhi, December 17, 2017:  SecureNow Insurance Broker (SecureNow) in collaboration with a leading general insurance company has issued a first of its kind Solar Module Performance Warranty (SMPW) Insurance in India. The said product is an added measure of protection for the panel warranties which a panel manufacturer (OEM) with the help of an insurer […]

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Indian insurance broking startup, SecureNow, accepted into the leading international network of insurance brokers, ‘UnisonBrokers’

With this, SecureNow strengthens its international reach. It currently serves over 1000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) clients and provides insurance cover to over 100,000 people. UnisonBrokers is an international network of more than 300 insurance brokers across 130 countries with a total member business of over US$ 15 billion. New Delhi, 12 January 2017:  […]

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SecureNow has won the SKOCH Order of Merit Award, 2017 – for Business Approach of Selling Commercial Insurances to Small and Medium Enterprises

The Skoch Award is distinctive for its approach in the selection of awardees and coveted for their independence and exceptional research. The award is known to follow the most rigorous process of selection. Nominations found to be complete in all respects are put through secondary research by the Awards Secretariat. These are then recommended to […]

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