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Art Insurance Advantage

Accidental Damage
Cover your art piece from the damage due to various types of accidents such as fire, natural disasters, plane crashes amongst others. Accidental damage occurs frequently during public exhibitions and transportation. Art pieces should also be protected from the surrounding environment, for example, exposure to cleaning agents and smoke can damage the art work.
Burglary and Theft
Cover yourself against the loss and damage due to burglary by forceful entry and also the theft which is an inside job. Risk of theft is high in case of small, easily portable collectible items specifically valuables made of gold and silver.
Fire and Allied Perils
Damage due to fire, lightning, storm, tempest, flood, inundation, riots, strikes, malicious damage are insured. Also, you can extend your coverage to damage due to smoke, explosion, aircraft or vehicle impact and more by paying extra premium.
An art piece is vulnerable to damage when it is being moved; from the point, it is lifted off from one place till the time it is placed at another place. When the art pieces are moved domestically or internationally, even though it is packed, the damage to the art work can be caused due to vibrations or shocks in transit. Art insurance can cover the losses due to damages during transportation.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Short Circuiting

Typical examples include natural ageing, gradual deterioration, wear & tear inherent defect, rust, oxidization, aridity, humidity, exposure to light and consequential loss.

Gradual Deterioration

Damage or theft that is committed by or in collusion with any principal, shareholder, partner, director, officer or other employees of the insured.

Willful Act or Misconduct

Claims are often rejected if packaging material is sub-standard or not customary. This can be contentious in claims settlement. A good practice is to declare packaging upfront and agree with the insurer that this is sufficient.

Why SecureNow

Product Knowledge

We have specialized underwriters and tie-ups with international experts.


We work with all insurers to get you the best options- both in terms of price and features.

Quick Turnaround

Cover notes are issued within hours of request. This ensures that your goods don’t sit idle at any stage.

Strong Claim

We manage all aspects of your claim - from survey appointment to documentation to insurer follow-up.

Value Added

We will advice you on risk management best practices.

Policy Administration
System (PAM)

See all your contracts renewal information in one place. Place service requests on PAM.


Galleries, private collectors, companies and dealers can buy this fine art insurance policy.
Incase you do not have bills for your art, we will assist you in getting a full valuation done by experts on our panel. These valuations will be accepted by insurers.
Premiums are paid annually through cheques, demand drafts or direct money transfer.
You will be required to inform your insurer or us. The insurer will then appoint a surveyor depending on the quantum of loss and ask for details of the loss. We support you in presenting the case properly and following up with the insurer for settlement.

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