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Jeweller's Block Insurance Features

Comprehensive Cover

Offers comprehensive cover that includes property in transit, property in custody of authorities, building and other contents, costly ornaments, precious stones, cash and currency. Customise your policy for your specific risks.

All sections covered

Cover all the four legal sections under one sum insured. In this way you will provide comprehensive protection to your valuable property. The four sections include fire, burglary, theft, riot, strike, terrorism, damage in transit or custody of third parties. The insurance extends to losses in furniture and fixtures due to these perils.

Dedicated Servicing team

Enjoy the benefit of a dedicated servicing team towards your policy. You can contact SecureNow for any query, assistance, claims support and other relevant information pertaining to the insurance. We also track the insurance carefully and help you renew the insurance with any relevant changes.


The premium depends on the type of cover you have opted for, perils covered, condition of the valuables, coverage against natural disasters and provisions taken for keeping the valuables safe. Premium will be minimized depending on the provisions such as watchman availability, burglary resistant safe or burglar alarms. If you have good security measures we lower your premiums appropriately.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Fraudulent Information

  • If you provide false information in the proposal form or make a fraudulent claim the Insurance becomes void and all claims forfeited. Claims can also be denied if you hide or omit material facts to reduce premium. For example, if you say that you have 24/7 security but do not.

Willfull acts or misconduct

  • During inspection or investigation if it is revealed that the cause of damage is deliberate then such claims will not be entertained and the insurance cancelled.

No provisions for safeguarding property

  • You need to make the specific provisions to minimise damage or theft. Some basic arrangements like burglary alarm, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, CCTV cameras, security guard should be employed. Absence of these arrangements may result in claim rejection, particularly if these are part of the warranties you gave to the insurer.

Get Competitive Prices

Jeweller's Block Insurance covers your valuable property and is available at low rates. Customise the insurance to your need. The insurance can be tailored to single outlet stores and also large multi-location jewellers.

Better claims settlement

Since Jeweller's block insurance has few restrictions and simple claim documentation requirements, claim settlement is relatively smooth. If there is a delay in settlement you can escalate this to us using Notify, our mobile app or contact number. We will step in to hasten the process.

Additional Cover

Several types of add-on covers are available on paying additional premium. Some of these additional covers are trade-shows and exhibition cover, safety deposit boxes cover and zero deductible benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jeweller's block insurance policy provide wide range of cover to the risk to your valuable items. This policy is developed specifically for jewellers and covers risks such as theft, burglary, business interruption and accidental damage.
This policy is specifically designed for jewellers who are wholesalers or retailers. This policy is not meant for manufacturers, brokers, pawn-stores or angadias.
Sum insured depends upon the sections you want to cover out of the four allowed sections. The sum insured can be selected on the basis of cost price of jewellery items, maximum losses that can arise, and also the market value of the property.
Following perils are covered under the policy:
  • Armed Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Fire and lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Terrorism
  • In case you want to file the claim, you must do the following:
  • Inform the insurer within 24 hours of the damage.
  • Inform the police and file an FIR in case of robbery, burglary or theft.
  • Submit claim form and relevant documents to surveyor.
  • The common exclusions under the policy are employee dishonesty, earthquake damage and loss to property while in transit.

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