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Benefits of Jewellers Insurance

Comprehensive Cover

Offers comprehensive cover that includes property in transit, property in custody of authorities, building and other contents, costly ornaments, precious stones, cash and currency. Customise your policy for your specific risks.

All sections covered

Cover all the four legal sections under one sum insured. In this way you will provide comprehensive protection to your valuable property. The four sections include fire, burglary, theft, riot, strike, terrorism, damage in transit or custody of third parties. The insurance extends to losses in furniture and fixtures due to these perils.

Dedicated Servicing team

Enjoy the benefit of a dedicated servicing team towards your policy. You can contact SecureNow for any query, assistance, claims support and other relevant information pertaining to the insurance. We also track the insurance carefully and help you renew the insurance with any relevant changes.


The premium depends on the type of cover you have opted for, perils covered, condition of the valuables, coverage against natural disasters and provisions taken for keeping the valuables safe. Premium will be minimized depending on the provisions such as watchman availability, burglary resistant safe or burglar alarms. If you have good security measures we lower your premiums appropriately.

Quick Guide to Jewellers Insurance

What Does Jewellers Insurance Entail?

Like other retailers and small businesses, a jewellery store also requires a commercial insurance policy to get complete coverage for its business and owners. The insurance for Jewellers offers coverage for specific risks related to gold and valuable’s trade specific risks. In addition to gold jewellery insurance and insuring diamonds, it also covers a wide range of other properties including furniture, fixtures, interior decorations, personal effects, building, glass and sanitary fittings against breakage, electronic equipment, neon signs, hoardings, and consequential loss from fire.

The policy has been divided into 13 sections, with each section covering various items to meet the specific needs of your business. It also covers accidental death or disablement risks for employees, liability risks towards the public and employees, and money in transit and at premises.

Who can Take the Jewellers Insurance policy?

Insurance for Jewellers is a type of inland marine insurance that is specifically designed to offer coverage for the loss of or damage to jewellery that is kept in stock by retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and pawnbrokers.

This type of policy is available for both wholesale and retail jewelers. However, it is not applicable to establishments whose primary function is jewelry manufacturing, such as cutters and goldsmiths, nor can it be obtained by angadias, brokers, or pawnbrokers.

What is the Scope of Jewellers Block policy?

Jewellers Block Policy is a specially designed package policy meant for jewellers and diamond merchants, which includes establishments that exclusively deal in diamonds.

Except for section I, which is mandatory, the policy consists of four optional sections.

Section I - This policy provides coverage for the financial loss or damage of valuable items, such as jewelry, gold and silver ornaments and plates, pearls, precious stones, cash, and currency notes, while they are kept within the insured premises. Insurance covers damages due to incident of fire, explosion, lightning, burglary, housebreaking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strike, malicious damage, or terrorism.

Section II - This policy covers the loss or damage of valuable items, such as jewelry, gold, and other items mentioned in Section I, while they are in the possession of the insured, their partners, employees, directors, or diamond sorters. The coverage also applies when the property, excluding cash and currency notes, is held by brokers, agents, cutters, and goldsmiths.

Section III - This policy provides coverage for the loss or damage of the property described in Section I while it is being transported via registered parcel post, air freight, or through angadia.

Section IV - This policy offers coverage for the loss or damage of trade and office furniture and fixtures located within the insured premises, in case of fire, explosion, lightning, housebreaking, theft, burglary, hold up, robbery, riot, strike, malicious damage, and terrorism.

What are the Highlights of Jewellers Bock Policy?

The highlight of this policy is that its design specifically for jewellers and diamantaires who exclusively deal with diamonds. Business insurance for jewellers depends on the level of security provided in the premises. Based on security features, Jewellers premises are classified into Class I, II, or III. A discount on the premium is offered if the premises have special security measures such as built-in vaults, strong rooms, closed circuit television, or armed guards

What is Covered under Jewellers insurance or Jeweler Block Insurance

Insurance for Jewellers provide protection for loss or damage to valuable items such as jewellery, gold and silver ornaments or plates, pearls, precious stones, cash, and currency notes while they are located within the insured premises. The policy covers a range of risks including fire, explosion, lightning, burglary, housebreaking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strike, malicious damage, and terrorism.

The policy is specifically designed for those involved in the gold and valuable trade and offers various coverage options based on individual requirements. One of the sections covered by the policy is the Jewellers Block Policy, which is tailored for businesses that deal exclusively in diamonds such as jewellers and diamantaires.

Jewellers Block Policy is an insurance policy that provides coverage for loss or damage to jewelry and related businesses due to theft, fire, or other perils. Some of the sections which you can choose to include in your jewelry insurance policy include:

  • Stock in Insured Premises, including goods in trust/on commission
  • Stock in Custody, including goods In trust/on commission
  • Stock in Transit, including goods in trust/on commission
  • Stock In Exhibitions, including goods in trust/on commission
  • Coverage of Building & Assets of the insured Premises
  • Coverage of Fixed Glass and related fittings in the Insured Property
  • Covers Neon illuminated Signs, hoardings at the Insured Premises
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Public Liability at the Insured Premises
  • Coverage of Workmen’s Compensation for workers within the Insured Premises
  • Covers Money in transit or at the Insured Premises
  • Consequential Loss (Fire)

What’s Not Covered in Insurance for Jewellers?

Some common exclusions under insurance for jewellers include:

  • Wilful acts or gross negligence
  • Losses that take place beyond the geographical boundaries specified in the Schedule
  • Destruction/Damage by own fermentation, natural heating, or spontaneous combustion
  • Forest fire
  • Any precious stones, cheques, currency, documents, or similar items that are not explicitly declared
  • Consequential losses, if not opted
  • Theft: Theft during/after operation of peril
  • Terrorism, war, and nuclear group of perils
  • Inadequate funds caused by an error or omission

What Are The Benefits of Buying Jewellers Block Insurance Policy?

Here are a few significant advantages of obtaining Jeweller's Block Insurance:

Get Competitive Prices - Jewellers Block Insurance provides coverage for your valuable assets and is offered at affordable rates. You can customize the insurance to suit your specific requirements, whether you operate a single outlet store or a large, multi-location jewelry business.

Better claims settlement - Due to the minimal limitations and straightforward claim documentation requirements of Jewellers Block Insurance, the settlement process is usually uncomplicated. However, if there are any delays in the settlement, you can bring it to our attention via our Notify mobile app or contact number. We will intervene promptly to expedite the process.

Additional Cover - Additional coverage options are available for purchase by paying an extra premium. These supplementary covers include protection for trade shows and exhibitions, safety deposit boxes, and zero-deductible benefits.

How to Choose the Correct Sum Insured Under Jewellery Insurance Policy?

It is important to choose Jewellers insurance that provide you sufficient financial coverage. Choosing the right insured value for a jewellers insurance policy is crucial in ensuring comprehensive protection. Jewellers insurance comprises several sections, and the insured amount is determined based on the sections that you select. The following are some of the sections that are typically included in a jewellery insurance policy:

Type of SectionsRequired Sum Insured
Section I: Property at the policyholder's premises

Section II: Property outside the policyholder's premises
For property located at the policyholder's premises, the insured amount under Sections I, II, and IV must match the total amount stated on the purchase invoice. The insured value may encompass the cost of gold, silver, pearls, and other precious stones, as well as any other merchandise and materials used in the insured's business. It may also include extra costs related to glazing, artwork, or finishing of jewelry, as well as expenses for freight and duty paid. However, it should not be more than the 10% of the purchase invoice (cost price).
Section III: Transit insuranceSum insured should present the annual carrying limit of the transit.
Section IV: Insured property at exhibitionThe insured amount for cash and currency notes will be the highest amount that is at risk during the policy period.
Section V: Other PropertyThe insured amount must be equivalent to the reinstatement value of the insured property.
Section VI: Infidelity of employeesThe insured amount will be (a) the limit specified in the Schedule for an employee declared beforehand under their name and/or designation, or (b) the maximum limit per incident, or (c) the limit stated in the policy for all claims combined.
Section VII: Plate glassSufficient coverage must be available to replace the item, accounting for depreciation, in the event of a loss.
Section VIII: SignageCoverage would be the current market value.
Section IX: Electronic EquipmentThe insurance coverage would be based on the cost of replacing the insured property with new property of equivalent type and capacity. The replacement value of insured property would include freight, dues and customs duties and erection costs.
Section X: Portable EquipmentSum insured would be the current market value (replacement cost after deducting depreciation).
Section XI: Employee CompensationThe coverage provided by the insurance policy would be determined by the maximum amount of liability that the policyholder has chosen.

How to Buy Jewellers Liability Insurance from SecureNow?

SecureNow, a top insurance advisor for companies, can assist you in selecting the appropriate Jewellers Insurance Policy that meets your needs. Simply provide some information about what you're looking for, and SecureNow acting as a jewellery insurance broker, will create insurance policy quotes for you to compare and choose the best option.

If you want to understand more about how insurance works, you can talk to the experts at SecureNow. They work with many different insurance companies, which makes it easier to find and personalize a jewellery insurance policy at an affordable price.

How to Renew Jewellers Liability Insurance?

To renew a Jewellers Liability Insurance, you need to follow these steps:

  • Contact your insurance provider or us at least a few weeks before the policy's expiration date to start the renewal process.
  • Review your current policy and identify any changes or updates that need to be made.
  • Provide any necessary documentation or information to your insurance provider.
  • Determine if the coverage and limits still meet your needs and budget.
  • Agree to any changes in terms or rates and make the necessary payment to renew the policy.
  • It's important to renew your policy on time to ensure that you remain covered and protected against potential liabilities or losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jewellers block insurance is designed for businesses dealing in gold, gems, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones, bullion bar, Bank notes etc. The policy offers financial protection to the owners of jewellery store, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, etc. by protecting their inventory from various perils. Other than the precious items, a Jewellers block insurance also provide coverage to properties like documents, interior decorations, furniture, fixture, money in transit, electronic equipment, etc.
Some of the basic information required for a quote are:
  • Type of occupancy
  • Location of the shop
  • Period for coverage
  • Sum Insured under each section
  • Add on Covers required
  • Transit Details
  • Claim history for past 5 years
  • Underwriter may raise further queries depending on the requirement
  • A Jewellers Block policy typically covers perils such as theft, damage, loss, or destruction of jewelry, precious stones, and other valuable items. It may also provide coverage for errors made during the manufacturing process, as well as in-transit losses while the items are being transported.
    Insurance for jewellers offers several types of add-ons covers available on payment of additional premium. Some of these add-ons include cover for safety deposit box and, trade shows, exhibition, zero deductible benefit, etc.


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