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Advantages of Title Insurance

Meets Legal Requirements

Our Title insurance helps promoters meet legal requirements as manadated by law under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act. Title insurnace further helps developers and promoters provide Title cover for existing properties and under construction real estate projects.

Cost Effective

In Title insurance policy, a buyer can receive protection against possible title defects such as forgery, liens, encrumbrances, fraud, by paying a reasonable amount of premium. Premium amount is paid one- time and is a modest amount in relation to the value of the property.

Safer Transactions

Title insurance facilitates safer and faster sale or purchase transactions. If there are known defects in title, insurance can help in closure of the delay fast without fixing the defect in title. The defect needs to be disclosed at policy inception, and underwritten by the insurer.

Fast Claims Settlement

Claim settlement process for Title insurance is fast and simple. Turnaround times are regulated by the IRDAI. Claim process and documentation are handled by industry experts in order to ensure that claims get processed faster and efficiently and documentaton is complete.

Benefits of Title Insurance

Indemnification of Insured or Third Party

  • The policy has broad coverage scope and indemnifies the insured for actual losses suffered by them or losses suffered by a third party. Indmenification could be on three counts. First, to reimburse losses suffered by a third party. Second, pay costs of defending legal claims on the property. Finally, to reimburse actual losses suffered by the insured due to decrease in market value of the property due to defects in title.

Compensation for Unplanned Encumberance

  • If a third party claims a legal right that prohibits construction or development of the property, the policy could get triggered. Insurers can help defend the legal right in court or compensate for the loss of value in the property due to the lien or compensate for the breach of the restriction on the property.

Hindrance to Development

  • If a third party makes a claim related to an adjoining area of the concerned property that prohibits development, the insurance could help. Such cases are typically accompanied by a third party making a demand for compensation to allow development. Insurers can help challenge the third party's claim to such adjoining property, and vacate the hindrance. Insurers will reimburse cost of lawyer fees and claim assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A title insurance is a type of liability insurance policy that provides coverage against:
  • Covers losses due to title issues (indemnifies property buyers against problems in the title found after purchase)
  • Covers defence costs
  • Covers out of court settlement
  • Covers court verdicts including AO/Tribunal under RERA
  • A title insurance policy covers promoter, allottee and asscociation of allottees for a minimum tenure of 7 years. This policy covers all new and ongoing development projects. Sum insured for the policy is calculated as gross development value (aggregate sale price of all units which includes historically purchased land and joint development) of the project.
    Purchasing process of a title insurance policy involves:
    • Appointment of a Lawyer
      • Common Lawyer for New purchases
      • Secondary Lawyer for ongoing projects
    • Verification of title in multiple registeries
    • Identifying missing or illegible
    • Tracking missing heirs and publishing announcements
    • Litigation searches
    Below mentioned are the standard exclusions under title insurance:
  • Risks created, allowed or agreed by the insured
  • Pending Litigation
  • Sovereign ownership claims, Example-Expropriation
  • Claim to natural resources: waters, minerals etc.
  • Consequential Damage, Example-Loss of future profits
  • Actions of Government
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