Claims Advisory

SecureNow's Claims Advisory helps you get your claims processed quickly with minimum hassle.

  • Independent view on claims admissibility
  • Strong representation of client's case
  • Esclate to IRDAI or Ombudsman, if needed
  • Fees: Rs 50,000 for claims less than 10 lakhs; Rs 1,00,000 for claims over 10 lakhs
  • Fees is not success based
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Advantages of SecureNow Claims Advisory

Quicker Resolution
SecureNow's Claims Advisory team provides you with a detailed report on your claim settlement. Our familiarity with the claim process significantly reduces the turnaround time for settlement.
Better Settlement Rate
SecureNow has a dedicated team of experts who prepare the list of protocols that are required to be followed to claim insurance for the loss incurred. This reduces any slippages that can lead to claim rejection
Understanding of Escalation Process
SecureNow assists you for all claims-related queries raised by the insurer. Our strong domain knowledge helps to provide a clear picture of the loss incurred and the claim settlement.
Limited back and forth with the Insurer
SecureNow has a strong understanding of the insurer's expectations. This enables us to provide straight forward answers to the insurer's queries and leads to fewer errors in documentation.

Benefits of SecureNow Claims Advisory

Deep Insurance Knowledge

  • SecureNow has extensive experience of handling claims from diverse industries, such as manufacturing industry, IT sector, servicing sector.
  • Our experts are qualified to handle various types of incidents such as short circuit, cylinder blast, cyber attack, Doctors' professional indemnity.
  • Claim settlement process varies with the size of claims. We can handle claims ticket size as small as below Rs 50,000 to large claims of Rs 10 crores and above.

Diverse Product Portfolio

  • SecureNow's claims advisory team comes with extensive experience of handling claims occurring from fire and associated perils.
  • SecureNow has successfully dealt with various first-party and general average claims in marine insurance.
  • We have helped settle several liability claims such as Doctors' Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers Liability, Trade Credit Insurance, Commercial General Liability and so on.

Dedicated Claims Servicing

  • We have an in-house claims servicing team for Group Personal Accident and Group Health Insurance claims which has been handling various EB reimbursement cases.
  • We have a dedicated claims servicing team for all asset and liability claims. The team helps you with the comprehensive documentation process and surveyor/ insurer queries.
  • SecureNow has a large panel of lawyers for liability claims especially Doctors' professional indemnity.

Deep relationship with insurers

  • SecureNow has a good relationship with the claims department of public sector insurers, which provides us access to quicker servicing of claims.
  • We can schedule a face to face meeting of the client with non public sector insurers which can speed up the process of claim settlement.
  • We have been an active participant in various underwriting forums and brokers meets organised by insurers.


The claim settlement process varies with the size and type of claim. However, the basic procedure is as follows: an intimation of loss, followed by the appointment of surveyor (if required) and assessment of loss. The claim amount is settled after the final documentation or report by the surveyor.
We will proactively send you emails and status updates for your filed claim.
SecureNow will help you file your claim and draft responses. Your claim amount will be paid by the insurer.

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