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Group Travel Insurance Advantage

Comprehensive Cover
Cover for different situations which includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical issues and loss of luggage or any other personal belongings.
Several Policy Types
Offer international business trip policy as well as multi-trip business travel policy.
Fast Claim Settlement
Easy and prompt claim settlement without any hassle.
Easy Renewability
Renew automatically each year on a fixed date for hassle-free travel.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Intoxication & drugs

Claims against injury or accident caused under the effect of alcohol or drugs use will be rejected.

Non-disclosure of information

Under a group travel insurance policy, it is very important to disclose pre-existing medical conditions and any major ailments of the insured.

Involvement in criminal act

Involvement in any kind of criminal act will result in a claim rejection.

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Quick Turnaround

Cover notes are issued within hours of request. This documentation is sufficient for any contractual requirement.

Strong Claim Support

We manage all aspects of your claim - from preparing documentation to follow-up with the insurer.

Value Added

We will advice you on risk management best practices.

Policy Administration
System (PAM)

See all your contracts and renewal information in one place. Place service requests on PAM.


Group travel insurance does not require any minimum number of members. Group policies are purchased in terms of number of days of travel in year. This can be distributed to any number of employees of the company.
The typical buyers of group travel insurance are companies, whose employees undertake foreign travel frequently on official work.
Yes, even personal trips of the employees can be covered using the days purchased under the group travel policy.
Generally, insurers may do more detailed underwriting for members of the group who are above the age of 65 years. The insurance, though, can be bought even for an 80 year old.
A master policy is issued for a year. Within this a single trip could be for upto 180 days. A separate policy certificate is issued for each trip. The policy becomes effective from starting date to end date mentioned on the policy certificate.
Only the loss of checked in luggage is covered by group travel insurance policy.

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