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Product Features

  • Account Receivable Protection

    Protect a large and vital business asset. This policy pays you if a customer defaults on payment. In this way it ensures a steady cash flow and mitigates an important business risk.

  • Market Risk Cover

    Trade credit insurance covers default for several reasons ranging from political situations, currency demonetization, license cancellation or exchange rates fluctuations. Defaults by public sector units can also be insured.

  • Bankruptcy Cover

    Trade Credit Insurance protects defaults even if your customer goes bankrupt. The reason for bankruptcy is not relevant. This is particularly relevant for a fragmented customer base that is exposed to economic cycles.

  • Low Bad Debt

    By taking trade credit insurance policy, you will cover all the risk of default by your customers. This will ultimately keep your bad debt level low, which further helps grow the business. Remain focus on business’s core activities and don’t worry about payment defaults.


Omission of important details

If you leave out important information in your proposal it can result in a claim rejection. Important information could be the fact that you have a history of payment defaults, a debtor has threatened non-payment or that you have debtors that are not declared in the proposal.

Late Filing of Claim

A common reason for claim rejection is late filing of a claim after the maximum reporting time provided for in the insurance contract. The reason for claim rejection in cases of late filing is that late filing significantly reduces the insurer’s ability to recover the funds from your creditor. Insurers price trade credit with the expectation that they will use legal and other recourse to recover at least a part of the default payment.

Risks not Covered

Many claim gets rejected because they lie outside the policy terms. Terms include the definition of goods, territory and payment conditions. Certain kinds of debtors such as government departments may be excluded in the insurance.

Why Securenow


    We have specialized marine underwriters and tie-ups with international experts.


    We work with all insurers to get you the best options- both in terms of price and features.


    Cover notes are issued within hours of request. This ensures that your goods don’t sit idle at any stage.


    We manage all aspects of your claim - from survey appointment to documentation to insurer follow-up.


    We will advice you on risk management best practices.


    See all your contracts renewal information in one place. Place service requests on PAM.


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