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Benefits of Auto Component Manufacturers Insurance

Client-related Lawsuit

Legal liabilities arising due to bodily injury or property damage suffered by clients due to faulty products. Losses incurred include cost of lawyer, investigation costs and compensation awarded by the court.

Product Recall Risk

Product recall may arise due to defect in the product that may lead to a bodily injury or property damage to a client or its customers. Cost of dismantling, transportation and repairs can be substantial.

Premises Risk

An accident can lead to own damage or third party loss. Cause could be fire, natural catastrophe, machinery breakdown or sudden pollution. Reinstatement of assets and indemnification of 3rd parties is covered.

Business Interruptions Risk

Inability to resume operations after an accident can lead to consequential losses. Factory may require to be shut down until reinstatement. Loss of profits, and continued standing expenses can be covered.

Quick Guide to Auto Component Manufacturers Insurance Policy

What is an Auto Component Manufacturers Insurance?

Automotive component manufacturers insurance is a type of insurance policy designed specifically for businesses that produce parts and components used in the automotive industry. This insurance typically includes a variety of different types of coverage, such as product liability insurance, property insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Product liability insurance is an essential coverage for auto component manufacturers, as it provides protection against claims that arise from injuries or property damage caused by defective or faulty products. Property insurance protects the company's physical assets, such as buildings, machinery, and equipment.

Workers' compensation insurance provides coverage for employee injuries or illnesses that occur on the job, while business interruption insurance can help cover losses in revenue and profits due to unexpected events that interrupt business operations.

Overall, auto component manufacturers insurance is a specialized insurance solution that can help protect these businesses from the unique risks associated with their industry.

What is covered under Auto Component Manufacturers Insurance?

Auto component manufacturers insurance is a type of business insurance designed to protect manufacturers of automotive parts and components from potential risks and liabilities associated with their operations. This type of insurance provides coverage for a wide range of risks that may arise in the course of manufacturing automotive parts, such as product liability, property damage, and workers' compensation.

Product liability coverage is a key component of auto component manufacturers insurance. It provides protection against claims that may arise due to defects or malfunctions in the products manufactured by the business. This coverage can include legal defense costs and damages that may be awarded to claimants in the event of a lawsuit.

Property damage coverage is also important for auto component manufacturers. This coverage protects the business from losses due to damage or destruction of its property, including buildings, equipment, and inventory. It may also provide coverage for losses due to business interruption or extra expenses incurred as a result of a covered loss.

Workers' compensation coverage is another important aspect of auto component manufacturers insurance. This coverage provides benefits to employees who sustain injuries or get sick because of their work. It can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other related expenses.

Other types of coverage that may be included in auto component manufacturers insurance include general liability, business interruption, and equipment breakdown coverage. The specific coverage and limits will vary depending on the needs of the business and the terms of the insurance policy.

Product Recall Cover
Product recall cover is a type of insurance that provides financial protection to businesses in case they need to recall a product due to safety concerns or defects. It helps cover the costs associated with the recall process, such as notification, transportation, and disposal of the affected product.

Industrial all Risk
Industrial all risk cover is a comprehensive insurance policy that provides protection to auto parts manufacturers against damage or loss to their property, including buildings, machinery, and stock. It also covers third-party liability claims and loss of income due to business interruption caused by insured perils like fire, flood, theft, and natural disasters.

Features and Benefits of Auto Parts Manufacturers Insurance

Whatever an auto parts manufacturer plans to scale up the business, it is necessary to purchase the manufacturing and automotive insurance. If you are looking for the automotive components manufacturers and automobile spare parts company, here are the features that you should know:

  • Comprehensive Cover - It covers those claims which are filed by the customers against your products and/or services. Claim may arise because of non-performance of your product due to manufacturing flaws or design defects. Such scenarios can lead to huge losses and costs to the automotive parts manufacturing companies. Further, the policy also covers bodily injury and property damage caused to another person after using your product.
  • Product Recall - The product can be recalls either voluntarily or upon by government regulators’ decision. When a company discovers that a product that it has already been sold is defective and cause harmful to buyer, it recalls its product. The defective products is either replaced with new product of same specification or customer is compensated.
  • Third Party Coverage - This policy protects automotive parts manufacturers from third-party claim of losing the business contract due to a defect in your products. The insurer will provide you a coverage for losses or injuries caused to a user, bystander, or buyer due to any defect in your products.

What expenses are covered under Auto-component Manufacturer Policy?

Following expenses are covered under auto parts manufacturers insurance policy:

  • Liability Expenses - Product liability insurance will trigger for the third-party claims arising due to bodily injury or property damage incurred by your client due to of your defective product. Bodily injury to any visitor on your premises is also covered under this policy. Further, design defects, manufacturing defects, and warning defects are covered as well. The fact that product liability lawsuits are time-consuming and costly, it is highly recommended that automotive component manufacturers so as to cover the litigation cost and expenses related to settlement.
  • Legal expenses - Product liability insurance policy offers coverage for the defence cost including lawyer’s fees, administration expenses, investigation cost or other legal expenses.
  • Product Recall Expenses - The policy will reimburse the cost incurred to withdraw a product from the market. Having product recall insurance can save auto OEM manufacturers from the following expenses:
    • First party cost, including cost incurred by the insured firm in advertising the recall, storage, disposal. It also covers cost of repairing the recalled product, cost of re-working, re-designing a defective product.
    • Third party cost, for any financial loss suffered by any third party, like your client’s customer buy substitute product as a direct consequence of recall can also be covered. Settlement cost too will be borne by the insurance for auto parts manufacturers.

Besides standard coverage, an auto component manufacturer can also include business interruption expenses cover, property damage cover, third-party liability expenses coverage in the policy.

What is not covered in Auto Parts Manufacturers' Insurance policy?

It is very critical for auto parts manufacturers to buy the product liability cover and product recall cover at the inception of their business operations in order to get full coverage against lawsuits.

An auto part manufacturer product liability policy plays a very important role in manufacturing units as it is a crisis management plan to effectively manage client-related lawsuits and any reputational damage it can cause. The product liability policy covers financial losses which incurred due to a defective product. Get your auto parts manufacturing business covered under product liability and product recall insurance in order to protect yourself from product-related lawsuits. Instil a sense of security in your business with an automotive parts manufacturer insurance policy. It is equally important to timely renew your policy to continue enjoying the policy coverage for a long tenure.

How is the premium of Auto Component Liability Insurance determined?

The premium of auto parts liability insurance is usually determined by the risk that product represents. Other factors like deductible, the company's claims history, geographical location, coverage opted, business turnover, country of export, previous loss history and quality control procedure followed by a company are also considered.

The insurer will typically assess the risk level of the business to determine the appropriate premium. This involves evaluating the likelihood of claims and the potential costs of those claims based on factors such as the products being manufactured, the safety protocols in place, and the company's past history of claims.

Additionally, the insurer may consider the company's location, the number of employees, and the overall revenue of the business when determining the premium.

Overall, the higher the risk associated with the business, the higher the premium is likely to be. Conversely, if the business has a good safety record and low risk, the premium may be lower. It's essential for businesses to work with their insurer to understand the factors that influence their premium and take steps to mitigate risk and reduce costs where possible.

Points to Consider while selecting Auto Parts Manufacturers Insuranc

When selecting auto parts manufacturers' insurance, there are several points to consider, including:

  • Coverage types - Make sure the insurance coverage includes the specific types of coverage your business requires, such as product liability, property, workers' compensation, and business interruption insurance.
  • Limits and deductibles - Consider the limits of coverage and deductibles to ensure they are appropriate for your business needs.
  • Premiums - Evaluate the cost of the insurance policy and compare it with other policies to ensure you are getting a competitive rate.
  • Insurer reputation - Check the reputation and financial stability of the insurer to ensure they can pay out claims and provide the necessary support.
  • Policy terms and conditions - Review the policy terms and conditions to understand any exclusions or limitations on coverage.

By considering these factors, you can select an insurance policy that meets your needs and provides the necessary protection for your business.

How to file a claim for Auto Component Manufacturers Insurance Policy?

If you need to file a claim for automobile spares manufacturing company insurance, it's essential to follow the proper procedures to ensure that your claim is processed efficiently and effectively. Here are the general steps to file a claim:

  • Notify your insurance provider as soon as possible. Be sure to provide all relevant details about the claim, including the date, time, and location of the incident, as well as any injuries or damages that occurred.
  • Collect and provide any supporting documentation. This may include photos, witness statements, and other evidence to support your claim.
  • Fill out any required claim forms. Your insurer may provide you with forms to complete, which will require you to provide specific details about the incident and the damages you are claiming.
  • Cooperate with the insurer's investigation. Your insurer may investigate to assess the validity of your claim. Be sure to provide any information or documentation requested by the investigator.
  • Follow up with the insurer. It's essential to keep in contact with your insurer to ensure that your claim is processed in a timely manner. You may also need to provide additional information or documentation as requested.

By following these steps and working closely with your insurer, you can ensure that your claim is processed fairly and efficiently, and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to under your policy.

Auto Component Manufacturers Insurance FAQs

Auto component manufacturers need product recall coverage to protect themselves from the financial losses associated with recalling a defective product due to safety concerns. This coverage can help cover the costs of notification, transportation, and disposal of the affected product, as well as potential legal liabilities and reputational damage.
Yes, in case someone overseas sues you in their local court under local law against bodily injury or property damage caused due to a defect in your product, this policy will cover the defense cost.
Yes, an auto parts manufacturers liability insurance policy can cover lawsuits. Product liability insurance is a key component of this type of policy and provides protection against claims that may arise due to defects or malfunctions in the products manufactured by the business. This coverage can include legal defense costs and damages that may be awarded to claimants in the event of a lawsuit. However, the specific coverage and limits will vary depending on the terms of the insurance policy.
Product Recall insurance covers first party and third-party cost or financial losses incurred during a product recall process. Coverage includes cost of transportation, replacement, disposal, and advertising a recall. As the policy covers hefty recall cost, it has become crucial to buy this cover for peace of mind and financial stability.
Automotive component manufacturers should consider buying product liability, product recall insurance, property damage, workers' compensation, and business interruption insurance. Additional coverage like equipment breakdown, cyber liability, and cargo insurance may also be necessary depending on the specific operations and risks of the business.


Does auto-manufacturers insurance cover the automobile components sold before insurance was bought?

No, a standard auto-manufacturer insurance policy does not cover the automobile component sold before insurance was bought. The product liability and product recall policy will trigger claims occurred and reported during the policy term...
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What types of expenses are covered under the auto-component manufacturer policy?

With the increasing frequency and speed of modern-day lawsuits, every manufacturing unit has started to become more proactive to minimize the fallout and recover customer trust. An auto component manufacturer should buy product liability insurance...
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What is not covered in auto-component manufacturer insurance policy?

The auto-component manufacturer insurance policy covers product liability and product recall insurance. In order to secure your business operations against the financial loss due to product-related lawsuits or product recalls, buying a business liability policy is important...
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