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Quick Guide to Transit Insurance Online

What does a Goods Transit Insurance encompass?

Goods transit insurance covers loss or damage of goods. It applies during transportation between different locations and encompass losses from accidents, theft, fire, and natural disasters. Such events are typically beyond the insured party's control.

Goods transit insurance provides coverage for transporting goods from one location to another. Businesses and individuals often use this insurance when transporting goods as part of their operations or personal activities. Here is a closer look at goods transit insurance and its benefits.

The coverage provided by goods insurance can vary depending on the policy and the insurance provider. Most policies cover the goods' value and shipping costs during transportation, either fully or partially. Buyers need to be cautious not to undervalue their possessions. Marine transit insurance, whether for household goods or other items, does not automatically raise their perceived value.

Goods in transit insurance offers vital financial protection to businesses and individuals during transportation. It covers losses such as loss, damage, or theft, reducing the financial impact on the insured party. This ensures peace of mind during transit operations.

In addition, goods in transit insurance can help businesses and individuals maintain their reputation and customer satisfaction. Loss, damage, or theft of goods during transportation can result in delays, cancellations, and dissatisfied customers. With goods transit insurance, businesses and individuals secure their ability to meet customer obligations. This insurance assures fulfilment even during unexpected events, providing reliability and peace of mind.

Various goods transit insurance types include Inland, Air, and Marine cargo insurance, along with Multimodal transit insurance. In summary, goods transit insurance financially protects those transporting goods, reducing the financial impact of loss or damage. Given the array of coverage options, selecting a policy tailored to the insured's specific needs is essential.

About Transport Insurance Policy 

A transport insurance policy provides coverage for goods transported from one location to another. Several types of transport insurance policies are available. These include road transport insurance, car transport insurance, and goods carrying vehicle insurance.

Road transport insurance covers vehicles used for road transportation. This type of policy covers risks such as accidents, theft, and damage to the vehicle. Road transport insurance premium depends on vehicle type, age, and driver experience in its calculation.

Car transport insurance is a specialized form of road transport insurance that covers multiple vehicles during transportation between locations. This type of policy covers risks such as damage, theft, and accidents during transportation. Car transport insurance cost depends on factors such as the car's value and the distance it will travel. It also considers the mode of transportation, such as open or enclosed carriers.

Goods carrying vehicle insurance covers commercial vehicles used for transporting goods. This type of policy covers risks such as theft, damage, and accidents during transportation. Factors like the type of vehicle and the transported goods determine the premium for goods carrying vehicle insurance. It also considers the distance of transportation.

Transportation insurance cost depends on factors such as goods' value, distance, and risk level. For example, car transport insurance premiums can vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of rupees. This depends on the mentioned factors.

In addition to these types of goods transport insurance policies, specialized policies are available. They cater to specific goods like perishables or hazardous materials. These policies offer extra coverage and protection for the transported goods.

In conclusion, transportation insurance is vital in the industry. It safeguards against unforeseen events causing loss or damage to goods in transit.

Domestic Transit Insurance in India 

Domestic transit insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for goods transported within India. Its purpose is to safeguard the goods owner from potential losses or damages during transportation. The policy covers various risks, including theft, loss, and damage from natural disasters or accidents.

In India, domestic transit insurance is available for both individuals and businesses. Tailoring the policy to the customer's needs is possible. This includes the type of goods and mode of transportation (road, rail, or air).

Domestic freight insurance is like domestic transit insurance from coverage perspective. However, the latter is an insurance for transporting goods, while the former covers the carrier transporting them.

The domestic transit insurance premium varies based on goods' value, transportation distance, and risk level. In case goods are damage, policy-holders must provide proof of the damage or loss that occurred during transit.

Note that domestic transit insurance is not mandatory in India. However, experts highly recommend it for frequent goods transporters, as transit insurance policy offers financial protection against unexpected situations. Various insurance companies and brokers across the country offer domestic transit insurance for purchase.

Why is Transit Insurance Policy required? 

Various types of accidents may occur during the transportation of goods. Risks in transportation include vessel overturning, theft, collision, fire, earthquakes, and floods.

Purchase an online transit policy to safeguard your goods and commodities during transportation and unloading. We issue such policies instantly for single transits and they cover the entire journey, including source to destination. Depending on your chosen coverage, they provide extra benefits such as protection from jettison, washing overboard, fire, and explosions.

Benefits of Transit Insurance

Online transit insurance offers a multitude of features. Below are a few important ones:

  • The insurer provides transit insurance for goods transported by road, rail, sea, and air.
  • Covers for damage to cargo, onshore or offshore for a single voyage.
  • The Policy pays for loss during air or ocean freight during international shipping.
  • The insurance links the sum insured to the invoice value, ensuring the protection of your consignment's value. Additionally, there is a provision to increase the sum assured by 10% for incidental expenses.
  • An inland transit insurance offers all - risk protection cover, thus, protecting your cargo from most named and unnamed perils.
  • The issuance of an inland transit insurance with us is quick and hassle - free. You can buy it directly online after comparing the coverages.

Coverage under Transit Insurance 

Specific inland transit insurance clauses A and B, along with Institute Cargo Clauses A and B, cover the following:

Coverages under ITC B

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Breakage of bridges
  • Collision - carrying vehicle
  • Overturning of the carrying vehicle
  • Derailment to the carrying vehicle

Coverages under ITC A

All the coverages mentioned above under ITC B along with below coverages:

  • River or lake water entering cargo
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Handling losses
  • Theft & Malicious damage
  • Hijack of goods
  • Non delivery / Shortage
  • Any other risk not specifically excluded

Coverages under ICC B

  • Fire or explosion
  • The vessel or craft strands, grounds, sinks, or capsizes
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
  • Collision or contact of vessel craft or conveyance with any external object other than water
  • Discharge of cargo at a port of distress
  • Earthquake volcanic eruption or lightning
  • loss of or damage to the subject - matter Insured caused by
  • General average sacrifice
  • Jettison or washing overboard
  • Entry of sea, lake or river water into vessel craft that hold conveyance container liftvan or place of storage
  • Total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading on to, or unloading from, vessel or craft

Coverages under ICC A

All - Risk coverage subject to below exclusions:

  • Wilful Misconduct
  • Ordinary Leakage, Loss in Weight - Volume
  • Insufficient Packing
  • Delay
  • Inherent Vice
  • The policy covers expenses resulting from the insolvency or financial default of the vessel's stakeholders.

What are the Major Exclusions under Transit Insurance Policy?

Below are the major exclusions under a marine transit insurance policy:

  • Wilful Misconduct
  • Ordinary Leakage, Loss in Weight - Volume
  • Insufficient Packing
  • Delay
  • Inherent Vice
  • Unfitness of Aircraft - Container - Van
  • Nuclear Perils
  • War Risks and Strikes, Riot & Civil Commotion(in case of inland transit insurance policy)
  • Insolvency or financial default of owners / managers charterers or operators of the vessel

Who Can Buy Transit Insurance? 

An inland transit insurance policy is suitable for people or businesses that deal with regular transportation of goods. Below are the segments who generally buy a transit insurance policy:

  • Traders, both importers and / or exporters
  • Manufacturers
  • Transporters
  • Aggregators
  • Anyone who wants to insure their goods for a transit from source to destination

Types of Online Transit Insurance

Below are the types of transit insurance available:

  • Single transit policy: Ideal for one - time journeys or businesses with infrequent goods transportation.
  • Open policy: This policy coverage for multiple transits occurring within a given period, usually one year.
  • Sales turnover policy: this policy covers all legs of transactions including sales, purchases, and internal transfers.

What constitutes Online Transit Insurance?

Online transit insurance is a specialized solution designed to protect goods in transit between various destinations. It addresses damages and losses incurred to move goods carried by any vehicle(private or third - party carrier). This policy suits buyers who wish to insure goods instantly by paying a premium for a single consignment.

Complete the proposal form with transport details to easily buy this product online. Upon payment of the premium, you will instantly receive a certificate of insurance.

What is the process of buying Transit Insurance online?

Purchasing a transit insurance policy online with SecureNow is easy and hassle - free.

  • First fill in your contact details and basic information.
  • Specify transit details like goods category and value for transportation. We will calculate the sum assured based on this information.
  • On the quotes page, you can select your desired premium based on the available coverages.
  • Next, complete a proposal form with required details for online inland transit policy from the insurance provider.
  • After completing the proposal form, you will receive the option to make the payment. After making the payment, we will instantly provide you with a certificate of insurance.

How to file claim under Transit Insurance Policy?

Claiming a damage under transit insurance is also simple. SecureNow offers end to end services for transit insurance.

If your transported goods encounter damage, please promptly notify us via email at support Ensure to include the following crucial information:

  • Submit photographs taken immediately after the event.
  • Provide a copy of the policy.
  • Please specify the declared value of the transported goods.
  • Estimate the approximate value of the damaged goods.

This prompt communication helps expedite the claims process. Share this information with the insurance company, and they will appoint a surveyor. After the surveyor's inspection, provide any requested documents, and the insurance company will process and settle the claim accordingly. The policy - holder must possess insurable interest, which is a fundamental requirement for insurance cover.

Documents required for filing Transit Insurance Claim Online

Below are the documents required to claim for a transit insurance online:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Copy of policy document
  • Invoice of the goods transported
  • Details of the carrier
  • Photographs of the incident and damage occurred
  • Other mandatory documents as specified by the insurance company

Frequently Asked Questions

Inland transit insurance offers extensive coverage for transported shipments. It protects against numerous perils that can cause significant business financial loss. You can easily purchase this online policy, which is a hassle-free product that can protect your goods in transit. You can book inland transit insurance online for a single or multiple transits based upon your needs. Please refer to this link for further information and details.
Goods in transit insurance safeguards items against loss, damage, or theft during journeys for commercial or private purposes. It provides coverage for goods transported by air, road, rail, or water. This insurance is affordable, easily accessible, and protects against financial losses because of damaged goods during transit.
Packers and movers often offer insurance to cover your household items like furniture and appliances during transportation with them. If they don't offer an inland transit policy, consider purchasing one to protect your goods during transit. You can buy it easily from SecureNow and get a policy copy issued instantly for your goods in transit. Please note that we provide only ITC B coverage for household goods.
Yes, it is important that you have a transit policy in place. This is the most affordable way to safeguard your goods in transit from a range of specified and unspecified risks. Once calculated, Indian inland transit policy premiums can be as low as 1% of the transported goods' value. The premium can potentially be even lower. Failing to secure damaged goods during transit can lead to avoidable financial losses, eroding your profits in the process. So, you can buy a specific transit insurance online from SecureNow immediately and protect your goods.

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The process of obtaining the goods insurance was incredibly smooth and hassle-free.Thanks, SecureNow.


I recently bought online transit insurance from the SecureNow website which I found to be truly valuable. It was an affordable purchase.


SecureNow's team was prompt in responding to my queries and assisted me throughout the process, from obtaining quotes to complete the purchase of insurance for transporting goods.


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