Group Travel Insurance

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Group travel insurance plans are extensive and reasonable; also providing the group members of the policy all the cover they need while travelling. Several companies provide a range of covers and some might even include large groups of up to 25 adults and 25 children all under one policy. So, how does Group Travel Insurance help?

Here are inclusions or covers  in a group travel insurance policy that can help:

  • Cover for emergency medical deportation: the cover is important, especially while travelling with elderly people and those with health problems.
  • Cover for cancellation of the trip: in a group plan it is best to opt for a cover that will provide sufficient protection for the largest possible claim there could be; including pre-paid activities.
  • Individual accountability cover: ensure to opt for a cover that provides adequate luggage cover and personal accountability cover per person to replace or refund in case of a mishap.
  • Cover for key documents: theft or loss of the passport and other important documents could cover. Opt for a policy that covers this and will replace your passport at the earliest at no cost.
  • Hijack disaster and other catastrophes: while travelling to an area prone to natural disasters and natural calamities it is important to opt for this cover.

Along with the above covers; here are a few other benefits of getting a group travel cover.

  • Easy Management: Compared to taking travel insurance for each member separately, a group cover will cost much lesser.
  • Hassle-free Processing: you need to simply fill in only one form for the entire group providing one master policy with respective ID cards for the entire group.

The policy can even be tailored so that the plan works for everyone travelling. It provides all the features of a regular single policy including overseas medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellations and delays.

Case on Group Travel Insurance help

Kavita Krihnan an MBA graduate is working with Zenes Ltd. in Mumbai as a senior marketing executive. Due to a conference in Singapore; she and 5 other colleagues travelled to Dubai. They were staying in the company guest house in Singapore for the duration of one week. Their organization had also taken a group travel insurance cover for all 6 members of the group for the entire duration (one week) of the official trip.

Unfortunately, Kavita’s bag gets misplaced during the second day in Singapore in the taxi while travelling to the conference. The bag carried her passport and other valuable document and cash. Perplexed she doesn’t know what to do. And is also unable to give her full attention to the main purpose of the trip – the conference. However, on calling her company in Mumbai she reassured that the group travel insurance will refund the amount of cash that she has lost. And also arranged to make a passport for temporary. Additionally, on her return to India, they would compensate her amount. That she would spend on remaking the important document in the bag- driver’s license, voters ID, passport, etc.

Thanks to the travel cover, it saved Kavita her trip from getting ruined and she also did not have to bear any losses. While she got compensation for her loss; Kavita could easily travel back to India on the predetermined dates (without any delay) with the temporary passport arranged with the help of the insurance company.

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With seven years of experience in the insurance industry, Divyanshu is a recognized expert in group travel insurance. As a dedicated writer for SecureNow, he crafts insightful blogs and articles that elucidate the complexities of group travel insurance policies. He is passionate about educating businesses on the benefits and management of travel coverage, making technical details accessible and practical. His deep understanding of travel insurance regulations and best practices ensures that readers receive up-to-date and valuable information, establishing Divyanshu as a trusted voice in the insurance community.