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Factory & Warehouse Insurance Advantage

Comprehensive Cover
Offers wide range comprehensive cover that includes content insurance, building cover, money insurance, stock insurance, business interruption and public liability insurance.
Unoccupied Building Insurance
Unoccupied or vacant warehouses are at high risk of facing accidental damages. You can opt for unoccupied building insurance policy that will provide cover to stocks and assets in your absence.
Risk Assessment
Acquire the most customized plans. Get assistance from our experts who will perform a thorough risk assessment and suggest you an insurance plan most suitable for your business need.
Easy Documentation
With our expert advice, you not only procure the best insurance cover for your factory or warehouse, we also assist you with the documentation and filing process, thus saving you both time and money.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Short Circuiting

Fire due to short-circuit is an exclusion under Standard Fire and Special Perils policy. This exclusion however applies only to the machinery or equipment in which short-circuit took place.

Gradual Deterioration

Insurance does not cover gradual deterioration such as seepage or pollution. A good practice is to take adequate measures to minimize risk and our experts can help you with that.

Willful Act or Misconduct

During inspection or investigation if it is revealed that the cause of damage is gross negligence or willful act or misconduct, such claim requests shall not be entertained.

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The factory and warehouse insurance policy is typically taken by wholesalers, distributors, and retailers for premises where their goods and items are stocked or stored.
Typically, the duration of factory and warehouse insurance policy is 12 months, after which it must be renewed to enjoy the protection of the policy cover.
People in retail and wholesale business have to deal with goods, finished product or raw material worth lakhs of rupees. Damage or loss of these items can incur huge business loss. Therefore, to protect your business assets against untoward incident like a fire accident, burglary or theft it is important to take a dedicated factory and warehouse insurance policy.
Yes, the standard fire policy covers storm tempest flood and inundation. If you exclude this cover, you get an additional discount compared to the standard premium.
The sum insured for all assets except stock is ideally to be taken at reinstatement value. Stocks are always taken at market value. Reinstatement value is the cost of replacing the same item in the same condition just before the loss.
Yes. The policy can be assigned to a bank or financial institution under ‘Agreed Bank Clause’. In case of a claim, the named financial institution will have the first right on the claim amount. If the institution provides a No Objection Certificate, claim could be paid to the insured.
Stock insurance covers goods if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed. The premium of the policy varies depending on the value of the stock insured and type of premises or occupancy.
The difference is in occupancy as per standard fire and special perils policy of fire insurance tariff. Factory insurance covers premises where manufacturing of items is conducted or where workers supervise machines engaged in the production of items.

Warehouse Insurance coverage is available for commercial buildings that are used for storage purposes only.

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