Group Travel Insurance

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A group travel insurance policy typically pays for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, and passport or baggage loss, among other things. While the procedure may vary slightly depending on one provider to another, here is a brief overview of the procedure of filing a claim under group travel insurance.


Here is a generic list of documents you may need for filing the claim under group travel insurance-

  • Claim Form
  • Policy Copy / Certificate Copy
  • Original Admission/discharge card, original bills, x-rays, reports, etc. (for medical emergency)
  • Copy of passport / Visa with Entry & exit stamp
  • Copy of ticket and boarding pass
  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities/others confirming the loss and details of compensation (for loss or delay of baggage)
  • Copy of new passport & previous passport (if available) & original bills/invoices of expenses incurred for obtaining a new passport (for loss of passport)
  • Copy of FIR / Police Report

Depending on your insurance provider, the policy cover, and the type of mishap, further documents may be required.

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Case of A Claim Under Group Travel Insurance

Zenstar Pvt. Ltd. is an ITES firm based in Mumbai and has recently taken up a new project in Bangalore. To set up this new project 10 employees from the company need to travel to Bangalore. The employees will need to stay in Bangalore for anywhere between 1- 2 months. Hence the company has prudently also taken a group travel insurance cover for all the 10 employees.

Mr. Krishnan the Business Development manager one of the employees in the group does not receive one of his two checked-in bags at the Bangalore Airport on arrival. Since he is insured under the group travel insurance cover he is able to file a reimbursement claim for lost baggage.

The procedure he follows includes:

  • An immediate notice to the airline for loss of baggage while in transit.
  • Obtains the relevant report from the Airlines where the loss occurred.
  • Notifies his group admin who in turn informs the insurance company about the incident.
  • Then fills up the claims form with relevant details as well as submit all the important papers.

Documents submitted include:

  1. Claim Form completed and signed by the Insured.
  2. Original Property Irregularity Report (PIR) Report mentioning the names of Items Lost and its Declaration Value
  3. Baggage lost report/ letter from airline and other relevant documents from the airline confirming the loss of baggage.
  4. Copies of boarding pass, ticket, and baggage tags.
  5. Copy of Passport showing the date of entry and exit related to journey.
  6. Details of compensation if any received from the airline.
  7. Submits original purchase receipts of goods purchased during the insured journey.

However, the insurance company on reviewing the documents, claim form, and policy details, validate the claim and pays Mr. Krishnan. Due to the policy Zenstar Pvt. Ltd. does not need to shell out any money for the reimbursement of the lost baggage.