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SecureNow is one of the top insurance brokers in India. The firm is dedicated to protect small and medium enterprises by distributing quick, easy and affordable pure-risk insurances. At SecureNow, we are passionate about offering fair insurance options to policyholders, who generally lack access to quality insurances on their own. We believe in a fair, sustainable future – one where everyone thrives under the protective cover of all risk insurance. We aim to achieve this in a sustainable manner by effective use of technology. It is a full-service insurance broking firm that provides excellent claims support to small companies in addition to placing quality insurances. The company’s success can be gauged by the fact that it has over 30,000 clients and acquires new clients rapidly, primarily by word of mouth.


Kapil Mehta

Kapil Mehta

Kapil is our co-founder & CEO. He writes regularly in the media, specifically on matters that impact policyholders. He is a policyholder representative on the Policyholder Protection Board Subcommittee of a life insurer, is active in several industry associations, and is a Charter Member of TiE. Kapil’s book on insurance, Happily Insured, was published in October 2022 by Harper Collins.

Kapil was formerly the managing director of Prudential Financial’s life insurance company in India and a long-standing director of the Insurance Broking Association of India (IBAI). Still earlier, he has worked with Max New York Life, McKinsey & Company and Unilever.

Kapil has studied at IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi.

Abhishek Bondia

Abhishek Bondia

Abhishek is our co-founder and Principal Officer of SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. Abhishek leads the Digital channel, Technology, Product, Underwriting and Operations for the firm. He writes monthly columns for Moneycontrol, Mint and Outlook Money. He also answers reader queries on insurance in a weekly column for Mint. His interviews have featured in several personal finance TV shows including CNN News18, and CNBC Awaaz. Abhishek sits on the Center of Excellence committee for Entreprenurship at MDI Murshidabad, where he also serves as a guest faculty.


About SecureNow Insurance Brokers

Established in 2011, SecureNow Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd has made a name for itself in the list of top Insurance brokers in India. It is a tech-enabled company, playing a key role in bridging a vital gap by distributing pure-risk, commercial insurances. Besides providing fair insurance options to its customers, it excels in providing excellent claims support.

SecureNow has been recognized as a top-three Asian Broker in 2015, 2016 & 2020 by the Asia Insurance Review. It was also amongst the top three firms ranked by TechHR for its mobile app. SecureNow won the Claim Innovation Award in 2016 & 2017. It was the finalist for the Fintech Innovation Award (London) in 2015, finalist in the Economic Forum challenge in 2019 and recipient of the SKOCH Order of Merit Award in 2017, 2018 & 2019. Each of these awards were reviewed by respected jury from the industry.

Code of Conduct for Insurance Brokers followed by SecureNow

IRDAI mandates that every insurance broker shall follow recognised standards of professional conduct and discharge their functions in the interest of the clients or policyholders. It shall display high standard in its conduct in matters relating to below areas:

  • Client relationship - Insurance broker shall conduct its dealings with clients with utmost care, good faith and integrity at all times.
  • Sales practices - Insurance broker shall ensure that the client understands the type of service and he degree of choice in the products it can offer.It has to ensure proper that the policy proposed is best suitable to the needs of its prospective client.
  • Furnishing of information - Insurance broking firm shall avoid influencing the prospective client and make it amply clear that all the consequences of non-disclosure and inaccuracies are pointed out to the prospective client.
  • Explanation of Insurance Contract - Insurance broker shall explain all the essential provisions of the cover afforded by the policy recommended by it and provide the list of insurer(s) participating under the insurance contract.
  • Renewal of policies - Insurance broking firm shall ensure that its client is aware of the expiry date of the insurance even if it chooses not to offer further cover to the client.
  • Claim by Client - Insurance broking company shall explain to its clients their obligation to notify claims promptly and to disclose all material facts and advise subsequent developments as soon as possible.
  • Receipt of complaints - Insurance broker accept complaints either by phone or in writing, including through electronic modes. It ensures that instruction, policies and renewal documents contain details of complaints handling process.
  • Documentation - Broker in insurance business has to ensure that all documents issued comply with all current statutory or regulatory requirements.
  • Advertising - Insurance Broking company keeps a check that statements made to prospective client are not misleading or extravagant and advertisements contain nothing which is in breach of law.
  • Receipt of Remuneration - If requested by a client, Insurance broker will disclose the amount of remuneration and reward and the basis of such remuneration and reward it receives from insurer against a policy.
  • Matters relating to Training -- Insurance Broking firms have to ensure that its staff, more specifically broker qualified persons, are aware of and adhere to the standards expected of them by this code.
  • Information and Education common to direct & reinsurance brokers - The insurance broker will be available to support education initiatives of industry that aims at explaining insurance to consumers and to the community at large.

How SecureNow Insurance Brokers Make Money

The primary way an insurance broker makes money is from commissions and fees earned on policies sold to individuals and businesses. These commissions are typically a percentage of the policy's total annual premium. Most commissions are between 2% and 8% of the premiums, depending on guidelines issued by state regulatory.

An insurance broker generally earns a lump sum percentage against the first-year premium of a policy that they sell and then a smaller, but ongoing annual residual payments over the policy's life.

Some brokers also generate revenue by providing consultative and advisory services to their clients. In certain scenarios, transactional fees may be charged by insurance brokers. For example, insurance brokers can charge state regulated fees for initiating changes and helping clients file claims. However, the permitted fees must meet certain criteria, such as being reasonable and agreed upon by the client and broker.

Is It Better to Get Insurance Through a Broker such as SecureNow?

Insurance can be confusing and complicated, but its importance to any business cannot be ruled out either. No matter how good you are at devising watertight strategies, running a business is hard. Businesses often face unplanned challenges.

Insuring a business without expertise of insurance broker can be complex as you have to research between sea of insurance options by yourself. An insurance broker work towards analysing your background and have skills to find a policy that best suits your needs for a reasonable price.

Some of the advantages of having an insurance broker:

  • Skilled insurance guidance : Insurance brokers bring a lot of expertise and insights into insurance. They offer a far more personal experience compared to dealing with an insurance company directly.
  • Specialist expertise : Insurance brokers are professionals who know the ins and outs of insurance industry. Armed with vast experience working with different industries and markets that require insurance, Insurance brokers can advise which policies will be most suitable for their needs.
  • Awareness of many option : Insurance brokers are experts at juggling and balancing all sorts of insurance products so if your business has complex needs and priorities, we they make sure you find the best possible solution that covers all the risks. They help avoid overpaying, due to overlap in product benefits and features.
  • Flexible prices :Insurance brokers know how to work with insurers, and can negotiate on policy costs to help you secure the best price. Getting a policy through insurer directly as generally very expensive, as they usually do not drop prices.
  • Tailored policies for complex business needs : Instead of a generalized policy issued by Insurance companies, insurance broker matches your situation with specific policies to ensure a ‘best fit’.
  • Claims are looked after : One of the biggest benefits of using services of an insurance broker is ease of filing claims. At times of making a claim, you are relieved of any stress, such as going back and forth with the insurance company yourself. Your insurance broker will take the details and make a claim on your behalf, and deal with any push back or issues.


Claim Innovation
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Claim Innovation
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OF THE YEAR 2016Top 3

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