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Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Premium Starts @ 708 excluding Taxes
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Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance


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  • > Quick Guide to Doctors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy
  • > Frequently Asked Questions
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SecureNow Assistance


Online policy copy

Policy copy will be emailed. This can also be accessed via login


Instant risk confirmation

Risk coverage gets started immediately on proposal form submission, if no claim has been reported.


Experienced medico-legal panel

High quality lawyers, with experience of medical negligence cases, take-up cases on Doctor’ behalf


Single point interface for claims

Dedicated liability claims expert coordinates claims between the Doctor, lawyer and the insurer


Timely renewal reminders

Automated reminders and sent 3 weeks before renewal. Premium can be easily paid online


Digital proposal form and payment

Buying process is completely digitized including supporting documents. No need to submit hard copies.

Quick Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Definition of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Designed for doctors, professional Indemnity Insurance covers liabilities arising from medical negligence, mishaps, or mistakes during their practice. It ensures protection for their services. Thus, professional indemnity insurance insures the doctors, their qualified assistants, nurses, or any technicians employed by the insured.

This coverage safeguards doctors from legal charges and expenses resulting from any harm caused to others during their services.

So, this professional indemnity insurance primarily offers coverage against civil liability claims. Additionally, SecureNow's online doctor indemnity insurance extends its coverage to include defence costs for criminal cases as well.

Target Segment for Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

To guard against professional risks and legal liabilities, doctors should consider doctors indemnity insurance, covering errors, omissions, and negligence. It provides essential coverage for their practice. Below is a list of segments the indemnity insurance for doctors can cover for:

  •  Independent doctors
  •  Medical professionals
  •  Medical establishments such as hospitals, laboratories, etc.
  •  Independent clinics and nursing homes
  •  Support staffs employed by all of the above institutions

Features & Benefits of Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity insurance for doctors is imperative to safeguard both medical practitioners and medical establishments. Consequently, hospitals might opt to purchase medical indemnity insurance for doctors, thereby shielding themselves from numerous unforeseen litigations. Further, an indemnity insurance for doctors offers cover for below litigation related expenses:

  •   Any financial or legal liability, as litigations invite a lawyer’s fee
  •  Court fee, costs towards litigations and settlements
  •  Settlement and sitting fees

Policyholders find reassurance in medical indemnity insurance for doctors, as it encompasses legal expenses and defense costs, providing peace of mind.

Inclusions under Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Doctor Indemnity Insurance in India ensures broad coverage, shielding against medical malpractice claims, errors, and negligence, securing professionals' financial stability. Here are the coverages provided by the Doctor Indemnity Insurance:

  •  Claims arising out of bodily injury and/or death of any patient caused by error, omission or medical negligence
  •  Cover for defense cost to respond to legal notices
  •  Cost of defending oneself in court of law including consumer court
  •  Settlement costs arising as a result of verdict from the court

Exclusions under Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Outlined below are the common exclusions typically found in doctors indemnity insurance policies, outlining situations where coverage might not apply.

  •  Criminal, illegal, and unethical acts
  •  Deliberate malpractices
  •  Administration of prohibited drugs
  •  Unauthorized/illegal experimentation and procedures
  •  Medical practice under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  •  Practice without valid registration /certificate
  •  Contravention of Govt Acts, etc.
  •  Any condition related to AIDS

These exclusions highlight situations where coverage may not apply, ensuring policyholders understand insurance limitations. Reviewing them is crucial for coverage clarity.

Selection of sum insured for Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

There are various factors that influence the premium for doctors indemnity insurance in India. Hence, medical practitioners should grasp their profession's risks to determine a suitable sum insured. This understanding affects the premium. Notably, the two key factors affecting the sum insured include past legal cases and specialization.

We are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable professional indemnity insurance tailored to your profile. Therefore, all you need to do is provide the necessary information on our page and submit your request. Subsequently, an expert in doctors professional indemnity insurance will promptly reach out to you.

Points to Consider while selecting Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

When opting for doctors indemnity insurance, individuals should ponder coverage options and policy terms. This ensures comprehensive protection tailored to their needs, while noting exclusions.

  •  First, choose sufficient sum insured
  •  Second, choose comprehensive cover with all extensions
  •  Then get retroactive date coverage in case of renewal
  •  Next, check the mode of payment available
  •  Last, seek clarity about claims' process

How to apply for Doctor Professional Indemnity Insurance

Obtaining an online professional indemnity insurance is very simple and hassle-free with SecureNow. First, you enter your basic and specialization details and proceed, you'll receive quotes from different insurers. This lets you choose doctors insurance online.

Additionally, you can select the insurer based on the premium and coverages you want to obtain and click on buy now. Next, you’ll have to fill in a proposal form to procure the indemnity insurance, save and submit the form. Upon successful online payment, you'll receive the insurance certificate instantly, completing the process.

Documents Required for Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

To claim doctor's insurance in India, submit essential documents, incident details, and medical records for a seamless process. Listed below are key documents required to initiate a claim for doctors indemnity insurance in India:

  •  Duly filled and signed claim form
  •  Copy of the policy document
  •  Any court notice or summon received
  •  Original proof of costs incurred on defending any lawsuit
  •  Court order or any written proof specifying the settlement amount
  •  Bank details of policyholder for sending reimbursement
  •  Additional documents as required by the insurer based on the nature of the claim

How to Claim a Doctor Professional Indemnity Insurance

To file a claim for a doctors professional indemnity insurance in India is now very simple. First, start by informing the insurance company about any lawsuits filed against a doctor or medical establishment. For this, you just have to call us on +91 96966 83999 or write to us on We will get back to you within 24 hours and guide you through the process.

Furthermore, as per the insurance company's advice, submit the mentioned documents. You might also need to appoint a defense counsel for your case. The legal costs are all covered under a doctor’s PI as well. SecureNow will inform you about any additional documents needed and aid throughout the claim process.

Doctors and medical practitioners, including those in plastic surgery and physician surgery, find safety in highly recommended indemnity insurance. With fixed per accident limits, this safety net ensures coverage in any one accident scenario.

Doctors indemnity insurance provides peace of mind through a fixed coverage limit. It goes by the term "called any one accident" coverage. Doctors indemnity insurance provides reassurance through a predetermined coverage limit. This limit applies within a specific time period, commonly known as "called any one accident coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

As a medical professional, you could face accusations of negligence, incorrect treatments, errors, and similar issues. Sometime these court-awarded exemplary damages can impact a medical professional financially and reputation-wise, highlighting the severity of their actions. To safeguard against such liabilities, doctors should secure themselves with Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance. Thus, the objective of this policy is to shield doctors from the professional risks inherent in providing their services.
Standard medical insurance covers civil liability claims but excludes those related to criminal or unlawful actions for doctors. The policy confines coverage to the indicated insured sum. It is important to highlight that SecureNow has arranged exclusive indemnity insurance for doctors in India.

With the doctor's clearance, the policy might include covering defense expenses for criminal cases in this context. Medical professional indemnity insurance offers essential security to healthcare practitioners. It ensures financial stability and peace of mind against malpractice claims and legal proceedings with its comprehensive coverage.
As individual medical professionals, we recommend government doctors to obtain professional indemnity insurance for its associated benefits. For example, if you, as an onboard doctor, treat an unwell passenger during a flight, and the prescribed medicines cause harm. In fact, this mishap can lead to a lawsuit against the doctor even without any deliberate fault on their part. A doctors professional indemnity will protect you against all and any such liabilities.

Even Government hospitals sometimes require a small registration fee for the patient. As a result, courts have decided that even a small fee allows patients to file claims in consumer courts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dr Raman Singh

Doctor Indemnity Insurance is a lifesaver for physicians like us! Highly recommend SecureNow's for this coverage.

Lifeline Hospital

Coverage is good, but a more user-friendly claims process would be nice.

Mothercare Clinic

Doctors Insurance options are decent; perhaps it can offer more specialized coverage. Great support!


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