Doctors Professional Indemnity

It is interesting that the first and the last event of human life are both certified by doctors. Doctors have extensive knowledge in specific domains of medical science. They dedicate their expertise to identify and cure medical problems faced by patients. There is no way we can survive without them.

If you’re a doctor, you surely do realize the weight of responsibilities you carry on your shoulders. You also need to abide by authorized procedures and possess a valid license to carry out your medical practice.

Pursuing your medical practice without a valid license can cause serious negative consequences. If your medical license has expired, you must renew it in time to avoid facing legal action. Along with a valid license, it is quite crucial to have a doctors’ professional liability insurance policy in place to help cover you financially in case of lawsuits.

Here is what will happen in case you continue an unlicensed medical practice:

Higher Risk of Criminal Penalties

Practicing medicine without authorization is not only illegal but can also land you in difficult situations. You are at a high risk of facing criminal penalties if you do not have a medical license. Unlicensed medical practice is considered a crime by law. This can cost you a fortune and disrupt your finances significantly. Showing that you offered an effective treatment won’t be a valid defence proof if you are not authorized to practice medicine.

Along with that, having doctor liability insurance policy can help you avoid financial burden in case of medical malpractice, but only if you have a valid license.

Risk of Legal Lawsuits From Patients

In medical negligence cases, not having the required license may raise the assumption that you had malafide intentions. It can also be considered compelling proof in deciding a case against the perpetrator. The patient need not necessarily be physically harmed by the treatment to file a lawsuit if you don’t own a valid license. The court may penalize you to compensate the victim, not just for the actual harm if caused, but also to pay additional penalties for intentionally deceiving or tricking the patient.

License Cancellation for the Long Term

If you are found practicing medicine without a valid license, it can even lead to long term cancellation of any licence you may have previously possessed. It can cause a break in your medical practice, even without your being accused of medical negligence. You must not take the process of renewal of your license lightly as it is an unlawful practice to work without the same.


Loss of Reputation

Once you become qualified, you are required to abide by the rules and regulations governing the medical profession. If you fail to do so, it can lead to suspension of your medical license. The loss of this can be devastating, as it can destroy a reputation and end a career that you have built with many years of training.

If you get accused of treating patients without a license, people may begin distrusting you. Engaging in unethical behavior can lead to the loss of your reputation, which is essential in the medical industry. You cannot thrive without gaining your patients’ trust.

With the rising numbers of cases of medical negligence in India, it is better not to take any chances that may end up in you facing lawsuits or even worse. Continuing an ethical practice will ensure a safe career without hindrances. Also, it is essential to have doctor liability insurance, as it will offer coverage against all the claims arising out of medical negligence and malpractice. Hence it will act as a financial backup in case such a claim arises. 

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