Doctors Professional Indemnity

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The knowledge of medical science gives doctors the expertise to diagnose ailments and find their cure. If you’re a doctor, you surely realise the weight of responsibilities you carry on your shoulders. However, you also need to abide by regulations and possess a valid licence to carry out your medical practice.

A doctor must renew the licence in time to avoid legal action. It is also crucial to have a doctors’ professional liability insurance policy so that you are covered against lawsuits.

Here is what will happen if you continue your practice without a valid licence:

Higher Risk of Criminal Penalties

It is illegal to practise medicine without authorization. Doctors doing so run the risk of facing criminal penalties. Such acts can cost doctors a fortune and affect their finances significantly.

“An effective treatment” cannot be a valid defence for an unlicensed medical practice.

Along with that, having a doctor’s liability insurance policy can help you avoid the financial burden in case of medical malpractice, but only if you have a valid licence.

Risk of Patients Filing Lawsuits

Compelling proof of malpractice or mala fide intentions is practising without a licence. In such cases, a patient can file a lawsuit even without suffering any harm.

The court may ask the guilty doctor to pay compensation along with penalties for deceiving the patient.

Cancellation of Licence

A doctor found practising medicine without a valid licence can lose any existing permits for the long term. This can lead to a break in medical practice even without being accused of medical negligence. Therefore, one must not take renewing the licence lightly.

Loss of Reputation

Moreover, every doctor is required to abide by the rules and regulations governing the medical profession. Failing to do so can lead to suspension of the medical licence.

This, in turn, could harm the doctor’s reputation and end a career that has been built with years of training. Doctors accused of treating patients without a licence lose the trust of patients. Unethical behaviour can lead to loss of reputation, which is essential in the medical industry. A doctor cannot continue to practise after losing the patients’ trust.

Moreover, with the number of medical negligence cases increasing in India, it is advisable to avoid situations that invite lawsuits. An ethical practice will ensure a safe career.

Do note that without a valid medical license an insurance claim through professional indemnity will also not be paid. Although this write-up is about individual medical licenses, it also holds true for hospitals. These hospitals must operate with a valid registration certificate. Insurers may also hold back claims if the incident took place in an unregistered workplace.

Also, it is essential for medical professionals to have a doctor’s liability insurance policy as it offers coverage against all claims arising out of medical negligence. It thus acts as a backup for doctors facing legal liabilities.

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