Doctors Professional Indemnity

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The Doctors’ Guide for Protection from Professional Hazards

Being a doctor is a tough job. While every type of work has some challenges involved, that of a doctor means you are dealing with one of the most critical things in the world, i.e. life itself. Patients and their families look up to you as nothing less than God himself, especially when caught up in a life and death situation. That is why great responsibility rests on your shoulders, all the time. 

But since, being human, you too can make errors unintentionally at times, that is why you must get yourself secured against the legal consequences of any claims that a patient’s family or anyone else may make against you. These legal claims against you can also cause you significant financial losses. For this purpose, insurers offer professional indemnity insurance to provide financial support to individuals who face such a risk. 

Why Professional Indemnity for Doctors?

A leading authority on medical law conducted a study in 2016, which revealed a 110% rise in cases of medical negligence in India. Out of these, while some are genuine cases, but a significant number out of these are also fake cases. Therefore, in many cases, innocent doctors get involved in a legal row, to face court trials. They also pay huge fines and penalties to the authorities concerned or massive compensation to the family involved. 
So, paying such a massive amount from your pocket can cause you huge losses. It is precise because of this reason, that you need a doctor’s mishap cover to have your back.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance coverage safeguards medical practitioners against claims, which may result in legal costs or demand for compensation made by patients. So, it covers you financially against liabilities arising due to complaints.
In such cases, the amount is often fixed based on the mental trauma which the patient and their family had to endure. Moreover, in such cases, the patient and their family’s expectation of monetary compensation is also huge.
Especially if you’re working as a surgeon, then you need to have such a cover is even more. It is because various complications arising during the surgery process may lead to legal consequences. We, at SecureNow facilitate you in getting the right professional indemnity insurance to keep yourself safeguarded against challenging situations such as these. 

What Will the Doctor’s Mishap Insurance Cover? 

The coverage provided by this doctor’s mishap cover depends on the features of the policy, as it may often vary from plan to plan. However, general coverage includes the following-

  • The extent of damage or financial loss caused to the patient which is not a result of wilful neglect
  • Any Unintentional error or omission of any kind
  • Insurance extended to other employees (qualified and unqualified), and partners in the same practice
  • Cost of fighting the court case

The policy pays the sum assured up to a set limit for any of the different covers. If the claim against you crosses that limit, then you will bear the additional amount. You should buy the plan based on essential factors like the risk involved and the probability of occurrence of different events, which can cause such challenges.

What Does The policy not cover?

– Any complication occurring due to medical treatment given for genetic damages, weight loss, plastic surgery, conditions associated with AIDS
– Any Criminal act leading to penalties, fines, punitive, and exemplary costs
– Case of Intentional non-compliance, deliberate act or out of willful neglect 
– Any Medical procedure that is carried out under the influence of drugs or alcohol 

Secure Yourself with Doctors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

Don’t go easy on securing yourself in the process of taking care of your patients. Purchase indemnity insurance cover for yourself to secure yourself against cases of unintentional negligence or error which may cause you financial losses. We at SecureNow provide professional indemnity insurance cover which has retroactive date and universal acceptance. You can also receive legal support to fight your case, as some plans even offer cover for that.
So, along with practising caution in dealing with patients, top up your security with doctor’s mishap cover at the earliest.

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