Doctors Professional Indemnity

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Professional indemnity insurance covers defense costs, the process of lawyer appointment, and associated costs i.e. charge of legal defense once a lawsuit has been filed against the insured.

Listed below is the manner that would manage the claim, once triggered:

  1. Insured receives a legal notice or a complaint threatening legal action
  2. It is the insured’s duty to inform the insurer/broker of the incident immediately
  3. Depending on whether the professional indemnity policy form is a duty to defend or a right to defend, the insurer will carry out the process of lawyer appointment from its legal panel or seek recommendations from the insured on his choice of the legal representative
  4. The insurer’s legal panel constitutes legal counsel of multiple specializations. In case the insurer deems it needful it may appoint a specialized legal counsel from outside.
  5. Based on the intensity of the claim, the insurer may approve the insured’s choice of legal counsel. And recommend loss prevention measures

Insurer’s claim team and insured conduct a joint meeting with the appointed legal counsel. And provided all relevant case facts for representation.