Doctors Professional Indemnity

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What are the factors to consider while selecting DPI insurance providers? A DPI policy is offered by multiple general insurance companies. Find out how you can select the best insurance provider for your coverage needs.


A doctor’s liability insurance policy provides financial coverage to meet third-party claims. In case of medical negligence, a doctor has to bear hefty settlements and legal costs. That’s why doctors must buy insurance to cover such liabilities. All doctors must check some parameters before buying a liability insurance plan. These factors help one choose the right insurance provider and the best professional indemnity insurance.

Factors to consider while selecting DPI insurance :

Coverage offered 

Insurers usually offer similar coverage benefits. However, they provide value-added features to enhance the scope of a policy. Therefore, one must choose a company that offers maximum coverage benefits but also coverage needs. For example, an instance of special coverage is insurance where the insurer provides a panel of lawyers to support you. Or, where the insurer provides you with medico-legal tips to manage your practice.

Premium charged

The next important aspect is the premium. This depends on a company’s pricing policy and also their understanding of the risks you face. In fact, it may be better to pay a small additional premium if your insurer demonstrates a keen understanding of your work and the kind of litigation you may face. However, we find that the range of premiums for the same risk varies widely so you must select a cover that costs in the lower quartile of costs but need not necessarily be the lowest.

Good documentation

Work with an insurer that provides accurate, clearly worded policy documents. The contract must clearly state your specialty and have the correct personal details. A good insurer will ask for the number of staff that works with you and clearly list the primary place of work. The premium you paid must be what is listed in the policy. Do not pay any additional amounts.

Claim experience

Finally, one must check the insurance firm’s claim record and its settlement process. An ideal insurer should keep the process smooth and maintain a high claim settlement ratio. You must ask the insurer for concrete examples of claims that they have handled. Also, ask to speak with some of the lawyers that have worked with the insurer to see if the insurer pays in a timely way.

How can SecureNow help?

SecureNow has tie-ups with leading insurance companies. This allows one to compare insurers. You can use the above-mentioned factors to find the right insurer for your doctor’s liability coverage. You can also take SecureNow’s help in selecting the right plan as per your needs.