Doctors Professional Indemnity

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A Doctor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy protects the interests of medical practitioners. Doctors might make a mistake during the treatment or diagnosis despite having the best of experience and intention. Such unintentional errors may lead to disabilities or even the death of a patient.

In such a scenario, the patient or the family might file a lawsuit against the doctor. This leads to severe financial stress for the doctors. It is in such cases that a Doctor’s Professional Indemnity policy proves essential for any medical consultant.

Comprehensive cover

A Doctor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy covers compensation payable to the aggrieved third party. Thus, a comprehensive cover will account for all possible scenarios in which doctors might face a professional or legal liability.

These scenarios include legal costs incurred due to a doctor’s unintentional errors, third-party settlement and court fees for defending the insured doctor.

It also includes DPI claims covered on a retroactive basis i.e. arising from a previous year when the doctor had a professional indemnity in place.

Additional benefits

Several insurance companies provide doctors legal counsel and support to enhance the coverage scope.

In some cases, policy extensions are made to cover claims by foreign nationals. Claims made in overseas courts can also be included. It also provides coverage in instances like negligence by employees or staff of the medical practitioner, and loss of a patient’s documents.

The Doctors’ PI policy thus proves to be crucial as it provides financial security to doctors and medical practitioners.

Further, a good PI policy also provides a doctor with the assistance of a panel comprising of experienced lawyers from across the country. The insurer will pay these lawyers directly rather than the doctor paying first and then claiming a reimbursement.

How SecureNow can help

SecureNow provides several excellent Doctors’ PI policy with best-in-class features at an unmatchable price. Both consultants like General Physicians or specialists like Radiologists, Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Surgeons and Dentists can avail of this policy.