Group Travel Insurance

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According to a 2017 HSBC survey, India has the highest proportion of ex-pats on international secondment or assignment. The results showed that ex-pats living in India were third-largest paid in the entire world.
If you are one of those organisations whose top executives are frequently doing work-related journeys to other nations, then group travel insurance is surely your cup of tea. As an employer, it is necessary to take up the responsibility towards their safety and security as well. Booking air tickets might not be enough. What is expected instead is help at the right time to resolve issues that they might face during a travelling to offshore lands?

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You can easily take care of them and provide them with the required travel assistance through a multi-trip group travel insurance policy. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the policy which will satisfy these valued ex-pats:

  • Assistance in case of lost baggage

Lost baggage can be disheartening at the airport, especially if the lost bag contained important business documents. Loss of baggage can be unfortunate not only for the employee but also for the organisation as a whole. It may lead to delay in important meetings if immediate help is not available. The making of duplicate documents is covered in an insurance policy. Financial reimbursements for the loss of baggage are also paid up by the insurer in case it is not recovered.

  • Lost personal belongings

Without important personal belongings like a passport, wallet and key documents, the work of the employee might become much more complicated. In case the executive loses his passport, it will take some time for making or renewal of a new one. This delay might make him lose out on several important meetings and travel deadlines. Without sufficient travel guidance, he may not know what to do in such a situation to speed up the whole process.
The insurer will assist in such cases and facilitate the renewal of a passport.

  • Flight delay

Trip delays are quite common due to several reasons like deteriorating weather conditions, technical problems etc.
A travel insurance policy financially reimburses the employee for such delays and cancellation of flights. Some insurers also provide an automated extension of the policy for up to 7 days in case the trip is cancelled or delayed.

  • Medical assistance and evacuation

In case an executive faces any health problems in a foreign nation, it can be very difficult for him to bear the treatment costs personally. Insurance for medical emergencies cover the following:

  • Overseas medical covers up a certain limit
  • Security against emergency surgeries, diagnostic tests (such as X-Ray, blood tests, scans) and medical aid prescribed
  • Covers emergencies and essential dental treatments
  • Bears the cost of transportation during medical emergencies
  • Personal accident cover

In case your key executives meet with an unfortunate accident and are severely injured, you need to ensure their safety in the foreign nation. The easiest way to do so is to avail an insurance cover which has a provision for any treatment costs after an accident.

  • Third-party liability cover

What would happen if your employees are blamed for damage to a third-party property through their vehicle in a foreign nation? It might seem to be a rare case, but such incidents do occur. In such cases, the insurer will provide the financial reimbursements for which the employee might be legally liable to the third party.

  • Add-on covers

The world has become quite unstable when it comes to political situations in different countries. In case an ex-pat faces a situation of riot, strike or hijack, an add-on cover can provide him assistance during such times. His trips back to the origin nation can also be facilitated through it.
Ensuring the safety of all of your employees while at work is an employer’s duty. While safety measures are laid out in offices, employees travelling on duty may also require help which can easily be provided with a suitable travel insurance policy.
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How to Buy?
SecureNow is the right platform to buy group travel insurance for your employees. After filling some basic details, like the number of employees to be covered, destination, number of trips, rider, if any, etc.; you can generate travel insurance policy quotes instantly. The same can be compared and evaluated before choosing the one. If everything is in order, you can get your policy within 24 hours. Moreover, SecureNow helps you during claim settlement and makes it easy to maintain your policy.
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