Doctors Professional Indemnity

Who are covered under Doctor’s Professional Indemnity (DPI)?

A doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy is taken by medical professionals to protect themselves against any liabilities faced due to unintended professional mistakes. The medical profession is held in high regard as doctors have the power to save human lives. However, during the course of their professional practice, doctors can at times make mistakes in treating their patients. 

These mistakes can have substantial cost. Patient lawsuits against doctors for providing wrong treatment or for negligence in duty can run into large amounts. There would also be the cost incurred by the doctor in hiring a good lawyer for defending the case. Good lawyers charge high fees. Another cost which the doctor might face is for the settlement payable to compensate for the mistake which has been committed. These settlements can also run into lakhs of rupees. A doctor’s professional indemnity policy protects doctors against these possible costs. The policy thus provides comprehensive coverage to medical professionals for mistakes which are made unintentionally.

The following can be covered in a Doctors’ PI policy – 

  • Doctors and medical practitioners of different types (specialisations) can be covered under the policy. These include general physicians, pathologists, anaesthetists, surgeons, cardiologists, etc. who hold a valid registration to act as a medical professional.
  • Medical establishments, like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc. can also buy a doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy. In case of medical establishments, the policy would cover the costs incurred by the establishment due to any mistakes or errors committed by medical professionals or qualified medical assistants hired by the establishment. If the establishment incurs a liability due to its employees’ mistakes and incurs legal costs and/or settlement costs, the costs would be covered by the medical professional indemnity insurance policy.
  • The policy can also be extended to cover unqualified staff like peons, sweepers, etc. if they are working in the clinic where the medical practitioner practices his/her profession or in a medical establishment. 

Thus, the medical professional indemnity insurance can be taken on an individual basis by the medical professional or by the medical establishment in the name of the partnered doctors and other staff working with it. In case of an establishment, the medical practitioners to be covered should be named in the policy. Also, if unqualified staff members are being covered, the names of such staff should also be mentioned in the policy, whether it is bought by an individual medical professional or by a medical establishment. 

 A doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy covers the named individuals and provides umbrella coverage. After buying the policy, medical professionals can work without worrying about possible legal liabilities that their actions might bring upon them and their finances. They would thus have the security that in case of any professional liability, lawsuit or claim, the policy would have them well covered. 

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