Doctors Professional Indemnity

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Optimum price to buy Doctors Professional Indemnity (DPI) Policy

Deriving at the right price to buy Doctors’ Professional indemnity insurance typically requires deep knowledge of insurance and an extensive analysis.

There are several factors that influence cost of professional indemnity insurance for doctors. That’s why different insurers offer the policy at different prices due to this reason.

This video offers valuable insights on how to determine the appropriate cost for doctor professional indemnity insurance or Doctor Insurance With expert guidance from this SecureNow, you’ll gain a better understanding of the factors that influence insurance prices and learn how to make informed decisions that protect your practice without breaking the bank.

Cost Benefit of Doctors Professional Indemnity (DPI) Insurance Policy

The Premium of Indemnity insurance for doctors bought from SecureNow starts from only Rs. 234 P.A. (including GST). The price you pay as Premium is nothing if you compare it with cost of hiring a lawyer, who can charge as high as Rs. 25000 for a single sitting or appearance.

SecureNow issues the risk cover note immediately to individuals purchasing DPI Insurance online (T&C apply).

The Premium Professional Indemnity insurance for medical professional s depends on multiple factors including:

  • The specialization of the Doctor
  • The Sum Insured selected
  • Territory or Jurisdiction (the region where claims will be raised and the geographies whose laws will be applicable).
  • Provided that there are no breaks in the policy, in the event of a renewal, the Retroactive Date Cover ensures coverage for work done in the past.
  • AOA:AOY ratio (the Any One Accident to Any One Year ratio, which implies any one claim can be raised up to the total policy limit of the year; 1:1 is the most ideal and doctor-friendly ratio).
  • Deductibles

Working with SecureNow, a licensed insurance broker, can be beneficial. It can help you find, compare and chose best Indemnity insurance for doctors in India.

We can assist you analyze and suggest the right price to buy Doctors’ Professional indemnity insurance for your business. We can help you select an insurance as per you needs and budget. You can contact us at 96966 83999 or write to us at and share your insurance requirements.