Medical Establishments Insurance

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for medical establishments offers protection to hospital and clinics against legal liability claims arising out of errors and omissions which they commit unintentionally.

To file a claim under a Doctor’s professional indemnity insurance for a medical establishment, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Inform your doctors indemnity insurance company as soon as possible after the incident that gave rise to the claim.
  2. Provide the insurance company with all necessary documentation and information, including details of the incident, any relevant medical records, and any other supporting documentation. This makes the claim process for doctor insurance much smooth.
  3. Cooperate fully with the insurance company during the claims process.
  4. Keep records of all communications with the insurance company and any payments or settlements received.
  5. Follow the terms and conditions of the policy, including any time limits for making a claim.

Note that each doctor professional indemnity insurance policy for Doctors and medical establishment is different and may have specific requirements for filing a claim. It is important to carefully review your policy and follow the claims process as outlined. Therefore, it is important to know what and how much insurance cover you need Medical establishment & professional indemnity insurance in India , with SecureNow app professional and establishments can easily buy online professional indemnity insurance 

Below infographics explains how the claim is filed under this policy.