Doctors Professional Indemnity

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Insurance Claim Process – Doctors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

The video discusses the claim process for Doctors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance (also know as Medical Malpractice Insurance). It elaborate various steps that are involved in the claim filing process in medical professional indemnity insurance. Experience the convenience and peace of mind with systematic insurance claim filing.

The insurer’s claim procedure is crucial to follow as it ensures efficient settlement of the claim, reduces the likelihood of errors or delays, and increases the chances of a successful claim. Further, it also helps the insured understand their rights and responsibilities during the claim procedure.

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow for doctors’ professional indemnity insurance claims in India–

Inform the insurance company about the indemnity insurance claim

The insured must inform the insurance company as soon as they file a lawsuit. The lawsuit can be against an individual practicing doctor or their medical establishment. Adhering to the insurance time window is crucial for a smooth claim process.

Explaining the case to your insurance provider

It is important to provide a prompt and detailed explanation of the situation to the insurance company, including any claim or notice you have received.

Arrange for legal defense for your claim process 

You can opt to hire your own defense counsel or select a lawyer from our available pool of  lawyers, with the professional indemnity insurance for doctors covering the legal costs.

Submit claim related document 

Submit the hard copies for all  required document to the insurance company for claim procedure. You can submit the requisite documents for Medical Practitioners’ Malpractice Insurance directly or through SecureNow Broker.

Arrange for any deficient documents Insurer asks for Doctors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

If an insurer requests any missing or incomplete documents, it is important to promptly provide them in order to avoid delays or denial of the claim.

Under doctors’ professional indemnity insurance, it is very important to cooperate with insurance company for a smooth claim process.

For assistance in finding the appropriate claim procedure for doctors insurance, reach out to SecureNow. Contact us at 96966 83999 or email us at with your coverage requirements.