Health Newsletter

We need to be very careful about the food we eat and the water we drink during monsoon as our digestion gets weakened which most of us unknowingly experience during monsoon. The rains will tempt you to gorge on bhajiyas, sweets, and large helpings of steamy hot food at mealtimes. But temper that hearty appetite with a dose of caution – the monsoon is the time when diseases, particularly of the digestive system, are rampant. Poor digestion leads to a form of ‘cellular starvation’ which in turns lower your metabolism and increases fat storage. Monsoon reduces the immunity of our body and makes us susceptible to many diseases which are commonly associated with this season. Hence, it is time for us to keep our body resistant against diseases by boosting our immunity and taking precautions against these diseases. While you must take regular precautions like boiling water and scrupulously avoiding street food or food prepared in bulk, here are a few specific guidelines about eating during the rains.
Tea off
You may really feel like cozying up to a glass of whisky on a rainy day, but give tea a chance instead. To keep bouts of influenza away, try herbal ones – especially those made of ginger or lemon.
Soup up
During the monsoon, soups are a good way of getting nutrition from vegetables without consuming any harmful bacteria in the process. And what’s more, you can experiment with various veggie combinations too!
Cereal solution
Make the most of “dry” foods, including cereals like corn, chickpea and oats, as they provide you with all the vital nutrition you may need. It’s best to avoid watery meals such as curried rice because they may cause bloating.
Raw deal
Given the rising humidity and the prevalence of various germs and bacteria in the air, monsoon is the time to avoid raw vegetables and fruits. Eating raw or semi-cooked food could result in ailments such as jaundice and typhoid.
No juice
Try to avoid drinking vegetable and fruit juice during this period, especially from roadside stalls that probably use unfiltered water. Even if you prepare the juice at home, drink it immediately
Fish! This isn’t good
While sea food should essentially be avoided, exercise even more caution with prawns and fish because monsoon is their breeding season. If you can’t live without having fish, make doubly sure that it is fresh.