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We all are accustomed to the fact that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and the same is recommended when it comes to this pulpy and vitamin C rich fruit “Orange”.
Many people know that eating fruits every day is very beneficial for their health. But some may not know that this pulpy fruit have been especially potent in preventing certain types of disease.
As per the scientific proofs, oranges are high in vitamins and minerals that boost our body’s natural defenses and help fight against cardiovascular disease and anemia.
1. Eating orange builds immune system
The average adult suffers through two or four colds per year, resulting in more doctors than any other illness. No one has time to be brought weak by cold for that matter. It is quite important to eat right to prevent infection, and oranges are one good food that will boost our immunity.
Vitamin c stimulates the production and function of our white blood cells, which attack foreign bacteria and viruses, helps in reducing our chances of getting sick. It also acts as an antioxidant for disarming free radicals and preventing damage in the aqueous environment both inside and outside cells. Our cells suffer damage by free radicals produced through everyday metabolism and external factors like pollution. Such is the course of benefits orange supports in building immune.
2. Prevents ageing of skin
The presence of vitamin A and various citrus acids in orange helps in strengthening the protective outer layer of skin.
This helps in reducing acne breakouts, accelerate the healing of wounds and prevent scarring.
Presence of B complex vitamins, including B1 and folate, can improve blood flow to the skin, delivering oxygen and nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin tone. Improved circulation also help keep the skin hydrates, preventing dry skin and flaking. The antioxidants and limonoids in oranges are thought to destroy the free radicals that contribute to the formation of skin cancer.

3. Helps in brain development
Replacing morning coffee with fresh orange juice wouldn’t be much enticing but the latter serve stimulate our brain throughout the day and would help stimulating its better functioning.
Studies have shown that consumption of orange juice in the morning is not reserved only for fitness freaks rather mental peace and harmony are the more attractive benefits associated to it. It is very important to create a habit and to daily practice this morning intake. Later, ultimate results will show that it was really worth it.
The above  3 healthy life hacks of eating oranges everyday would contribute towards making you a stronger being.

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