Doctors Professional Indemnity

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As a doctor, you’re no doubt aware of the complications the profession brings with it. Time and again, doctors are sued for medical negligence and malpractice. Statistics have shown that, in one sample, out of all the complaints filed, only approximately about 15% of cases are genuine. While some hospitals and medical facilities have insurance policies such as professional indemnity insurance for doctors ( Doctor’s PI )to provide financial backup for such times, many doctors still do not own the right coverage and end up paying from their pocket. 

What Is The Role Of Medical Liability Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance for doctors acts as a shield to protect them from unforeseen lawsuits. It is better to have a financial backup as the claims can be very high in medical cases. You, as a doctor, must safeguard your professional status against legal costs and claims for compensation by the patients to avoid financial setbacks. 

Why Should You Buy Professional Indemnity Insurance?

It is of course financially prudent to plan for one’s protection as things do not always turn out favourably in case of litigation. Here are some further reasons why you must buy professional indemnity insurance cover:

To cover the risks of negligence, omissions or errors

If you are a doctor, you are aware of your responsibility of saving lives with your interventions. However, you are prone to human errors, just like all the rest of us. You may come across claims from patients regarding medical negligence that may cost you a fortune. Having a doctor’s PI policy will provide you coverage against such financial losses.

To avoid hindrance in your career

Lawsuits filed against you have the potential to disrupt your finances as well as stain your reputation. This might come in the way of the smooth build-up of your practice. Therefore, you must buy professional indemnity for doctors which is today easily available online. 

Boosts your performance

The fear of underperformance or making mistakes while treating patients may hold you back from giving your best and taking up challenges. Professional indemnity insurance for doctors will let you take risks that benefit both you and your patient. In case of any unintentional errors, it will protect you against high claim compensations
Thus, hospitals, individual physicians in different areas of specialization, nursing staff and other technical and non-technical personnel working in the medical profession can buy doctor’s indemnity insurance. However, the policy will not apply in cases arising due to:

  • Criminal acts or frauds
  • Any surgery performed under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Weight reduction procedures
  • Cosmetic surgeries

How Can SecureNow help?

SecureNow provides multiple insurance options for Doctor’s PI cover, which you can easily compare and purchase online. The premium amount varies based on the medical specialization to the number of risks cover chosen. The duration of the coverage is usually one year, which you can renew going forward. We work with a variety of insurers to provide enough options to choose from and get you the best policy for your needs. 
In addition, comprehensive professional indemnity insurance for doctors will cover claims made for negligence or mishaps and will pay for the court fees and settlements. Some insurers also offer you legal advice and support to increase your chances of winning the case and thus help you to avoid unnecessary losses.