Motor Fleet Insurance

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Motor fleet insurance is a single policy that offers cover for multiple vehicles. To better understand how this might benefit you or your organization, it would help to know exactly what kind of cover such a policy offers.

Motor fleet insurance cover

A single policy for all your vehicles

As the name suggests, motor fleet insurance covers all your vehicles under one policy. This makes the claims process easier to manage. Imagine having five vehicles and having different insurance policies for them. If two suffer any damage, that would mean contacting two different insurance providers and following separate claim processes. On the other hand, if you had motor fleet insurance, even if all five of your vehicles were damaged, you would only have to approach one insurer.

Another big advantage of covering multiple insurances under one policy is that one renewal date is easy to remember. The possibility of missing a renewal thus decreases.

Cover for vehicle damage

Motor fleet insurance covers loss or damage to vehicles by fire, accidents, burglary, natural calamities, and other unexpected causes. In one particular case, an organization’s vehicle driven by an employee was in a collision with another vehicle. The collision scratched the five-month-old car and the repair estimate exceeded 60% of the car’s list price. The motor fleet insurer approved settling the claim by swapping the damaged car with a new vehicle.

Employees get cover too

Multiple fleet insurance policies also cover injuries to the driver of the vehicle. This is very useful if your vehicle is in an accident. The insurance will cover any injuries or medical treatment for the driver, whether that is you or your employee. In some cases, you can even negotiate to cover employees’ personal vehicles in a motor fleet policy.

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Business obligations

A motor fleet policy provides comprehensive coverage against legal obligations. So, if one of your vehicles has an accident and there is litigation as a result, this policy will help. These litigations usually take place in Motor Tribunals and the insurance pays the related costs. It will cover court fees and settlement costs. Thus, the policy reduces the risks associated with maintaining a fleet.


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