Individual Insurance


If any business expands, organizations tend to buy more vehicles and every vehicle is generally separately insured. Motor fleet insurance is an amazing way to insure multiple vehicles. It is managerially simple and cost effective.

Any of the following can purchase a motor-fleet insurance:

  • An individual owning more than one cars
  • An organization operating multiple vehicles for internal operations
  • A transport organization; i.e. taxi services, commercial transporters, etc.
  • Any other business or individuals owning more than one vehicle for a single purpose.

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Case Study related to Motor Fleet Insurance

Suneel owns five small cars for his ‘taxi on hire’ business. Due to an accident at his garage, two of his cars were damaged. He had a separate insurance for every car. After the accident, he had to waste a lot of time to get his claims settled with different insurers.

At the time of claim settlements, he met another businessmen Ravi. Ravi also owned a group of vehicles for his business but had opter for  motor  fleet insurance and it saved lot of time for him as he only had to contact a single person and company.

Ravi explained him the advantages linked to the motor fleet insurance and later, Suneel realized that Motor Fleet Insurance is easy to manage and cost-effective as well.

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