Liability Insurance

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Business insurance, also referred to as commercial insurance policy, is a combination of insurance plans catering to a multitude of business needs. Based on the type of activity in the firm, any or multiple of the following different business insurance policies can be bought:

  • Office Premises / Shop Insurance
  • Stocks / Goods (Raw, in process, or finished) Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance

Most insurers in India offer package policies customizable as per different businesses and commercial entities. Depending on the insurer, one can purchase different policies or a single comprehensive policy.

Cyber insurance is a new addition to the portfolio of Indian Insurers. And thus so far only a handful of insurers offer this policy. However, it may not form a part of the packaged cover for small businesses.

Office and Shop Insurance

Policies for offices or shops insure the premises of the company, the assets within, and the goods in the process and storage. This is usually a fire & perils insurance which covers the loss due to fire and other natural events and other accidents.

Additional covers can be included with this standard policy as riders provide for legal liabilities, workmen’s compensation, burglary, cash in the safe or cash drawer, etc.

Stock / Goods Insurance

Can also purchase a separate insurance policy to cover only goods in the store. Designed these policies to cover the loss of stock due to fire and allied perils. And recommended it for businesses based on storing goods.

Liability Insurance

A Liability insurance policy covers any legal liability arising out of accidents in the operations of the company or the products. The following types of liability policies are available to businesses:


Cyber Insurance / Insurance for Information Loss

Cyber Insurance, however, is still new to the Indian market and very few insurers offered it as of now. India being a software exporter and the second largest victim of cyber attacks, Indian firms do need to catch up with cyber insurance.

Cyber insurance protects the business from liabilities and losses arising out of cyber attacks on the company’s digital assets and information.

Case to Explain the Need for Business Insurance

Sahil Mittal, 32, started his family business with his father, Mr. Harish Mittal, five years ago. Now his father sits well in the sprawling office reading only the financial news and spending time occasionally meeting old business associates in his office. Meanwhile, Sahil took the business well up the turnover ladder, and for the first time this year, this company is crossing the 50 crore mark set by Mr. Harish when Sahil first started (turnover was about 50 lakhs a year then).

Sahil attributes much of this fast growth to the multitude of insurance policies he invested, in as the business activities grew. Even when Mr. Harish was completely against his squandering precious cash resource on ‘useless’ (in the language of Mr. Harish) insurance policies.

Did he realize the importance?

Mr. Harish, though, realized the importance of business insurance during one rainy season. When a sudden power surge by waterlogging in one of the stabilizers turned the storehouse into a bonfire. Due to heavy rains, the guards discovered the fire only when the flames showed up on the outside, and fire tenders still took some time to douse it down.

This ordeal could’ve pushed the business back a couple of years with Goods, finished and unfinished, worth Rs. 1.5 crore were either lost or damaged. Plus, more than 30% of the storehouse (a valuable asset for the business) was rendered useless without repairs, not counting the repairs needed for electrical fittings.

Fortunately for Mr. Harish, his son’s ‘squandered’ money on All-Risk Business Insurance paid off by covering almost 85% of the store repair cost and 90% of the value of the goods. Ever since Sahil looks after much of the business and Mr. Harish sits in his sprawling office, content and retired.