Marine Insurance

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Transit insurance is an important coverage as it protects cargo against loss or damage due to various perils during transit. Buying transit insurance online is quick and easy. Online buying process of Specific Marine Policy from SecureNow comprises of 7 Simple step:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Commercial Insurance, then go to Marine Insurance, and select ‘Online Transit Insurance
  3. Fill the contact details
  4. Select Type of Single Transit Policy, Cargo to be insured, and sub commodity to be insured
  5. See multiple quoted online and select by clicking ‘Buy,’ the one that best meets your requirement
  6. Fill the proposal form online
  7. Make the payment online and get ‘Risk cover note’ instantly

To facilitate the understanding, above online buying process of specific marine policy is also explained with the help of an Infographic:

Buying Process Of Specific Marine Policy
Buying Process Of Specific Marine Policy

Online buying of transit ort marine insurance online offers the convenience of browsing, comparing, and purchasing policies at any time and from anywhere. Beside saving considerable time and efforts, it is cost-effective and offers reliable payment options to the buyers.

To conclude, the step-by-step online buying process of marine insurance empowers individuals and businesses to conveniently protect their assets and navigate the complexities of coverage, ensuring peace of mind and financial security.