Group Health Insurance

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Are you curious about what factors determine the premium of your group health insurance? Wonder no more! In this informative video blog, we’ll break down the essential elements that insurers consider when calculating the premium. Stay tuned and discover the secrets to arrive at the right price for group health insurance coverage for your organization, while keeping costs low.

Let’s dive in to explore the concept of determining the optimum premium for a GHI Policy, delving into key factors and considerations for employers and employees alike.

What is the optimum premium for a Group Medical Coverage ?

Premium of a group health insurance for employees is based on several factors, which incudes:

  • Size of the company
  • Average age of employees in the organization
  • Types of occupation the company is engaged in
  • Types of cover and benefits opted
  • Employer’s claims history (in case of a renewal)

Premium of a Group Health Insurance policy starts from Rs. 45,000 + GST  (T&C Apply) at a minimum employee count of 7. Premium per life improves, that is lower , for proposals featuring 25 or more employees.

An ill-optimized corporate health insurance  can lead to inadequate coverage and inflated costs, compromising the financial protection of employees and burdening employers with unnecessary expenses.

Understanding the factors that affect the premium of your group health insurance policy for employees  can help you make informed decisions and optimize your coverage. Keep these key considerations in mind and work with your insurer to create a policy that meets medical insurance for employees as per  budget.

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