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Self-employment offers individuals in India the freedom and flexibility to pursue their professional aspirations. However, being self-employed also means shouldering the responsibility of securing one’s own health and financial well-being. Considering this, group health insurance policy for self-employed individuals has emerged as a valuable solution, providing comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Therefore, this article aims to explore the benefits, eligibility criteria, coverage, enrolment process, and other essential aspects of group health insurance plans for self-employed individuals in India.

Understanding the benefits of group health insurance for self-employed

Group health insurance plan for self-employed individuals offers several advantages, making it a highly beneficial option. Firstly, it provides access to comprehensive coverage, including hospitalisation expenses, diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, pre and post-hospitalisation costs, and more. Secondly, this coverage ensures that self-employed individuals can focus on their work without worrying about the financial burden of medical expenses. Additionally, group health plans often offer lower premiums and better affordability due to the larger risk pool of individuals covered under the policy.

Eligibility criteria for self-employed

To be eligible for group health insurance as self-employed, certain criteria must be met. Specific requirements vary among insurers. Common eligibility: registered company, at least seven lives insured, steady self-employment income source. Some insurance providers may also require you to demonstrate a certain level of income stability to provide group health insurance for employees in a self-employed business. 

Coverage and Features of group health insurance

Group health insurance policies for self-employed individuals typically offer comprehensive coverage, encompassing a wide range of medical expenses. This coverage may include hospitalisation expenses, daycare procedures, ambulance services, maternity benefits, pre-existing conditions coverage, and more. It is important that you review coverage and features from various insurers. Choose policy matching healthcare needs and preferences.

The enrollment process for self-employed

Enrolling in group health insurance as a self-employed individual typically involves a straightforward process. Insurance providers may offer online enrollment platforms or require individuals to visit their offices or authorised agents. During the enrollment process,
Enrollment involves providing personal/financial data, including KYC, income, and supporting documents. It is advisable to gather all necessary documents beforehand to ensure a smooth enrollment experience.

Group health insurance premium for self-employed 

The premium amount for group health insurance policies for self-employed individuals varies based on factors such as the coverage amount, number of lives insured, age, and health conditions of the insured individuals. Self-employed individuals or firms are responsible for paying the entire premium amount themselves. However, the cost of group health insurance plans can often be tax-deductible under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, providing a financial benefit. It is important to budget for the premium costs and select a policy that offers the desired coverage within the available budget.

Network hospitals and claim process

Insured individuals can use their insurance card for cashless treatment during medical care, within policy conditions. These network hospitals have a tie-up with the insurance provider, simplifying the claims process. Insured individuals can use their insurance card for cashless treatment during medical care, within policy conditions.  A list of network hospitals is generally available on the insurer’s website. In situations where cashless treatment is not available or opted for, the insured can initiate reimbursement claims. To start a claim, submit essential documents like hospital bills and reports to the insurer within the provided time.

Group health insurance plans for self-employed is a cost-effective way to avail the coverage for well-being. Understanding eligibility, coverage, enrollment, and claims aids in informed decision-making.

About The Author

Mayank Sharma 

MBA Finance

He is a professional who brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the field of group health insurance. He has dedicated 7years to helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of insurance. Having worked closely with numerous clients and insurance providers, he deeply understands the nuances of group health insurance policies. With a reputation for providing insightful and informative content, he leverages his industry experience to educate readers about the importance of group health insurance and its benefits. Through their articles, Mayank Sharma aims to empower individuals and businesses to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage, ultimately promoting healthier and more secure communities.