Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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Understanding the key determinants that impact the pricing of Directors & Officers Insurance is crucial for companies. In this video, we will explore the various factors that insurers consider while determining the right price to buy Directors & Officers Liability insurance By the end of this video, you will have a better understanding of how to decipher the pricing of D&O insurance and know the right price for your policy.

The premium for a D&O insurance starts from Rs. 22525 + GST

Several factors determine the premium for a D&O liability insurance policy which includes:

There are several factors that determine the premium for a Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policy including:

The industry type– The premium varies by industry type, with risk-prone industries, such as pharma or financial services, often have higher premiums.

The size of the company- The premium is different for different sizes of the company. Larger companies will typically have higher D&O covers and hence premiums.

The Gross Consolidate Assets (GCA) of the company– The premium varies with the Gross Consolidate Assets of the firm

The Sum Insured (Limit of Indemnity)– The premium depends of the sun insured that you choose.

The territory and Jurisdiction- The premium is different for different types of Territory and Jurisdiction of the policy. Worldwide or multiple-country   coverage will be more expensive that national coverage.

The Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) – An additional premium is charged for getting EPLI cover.

The type of insurance cover you opted for- Multiple options are available for directors and officers liability coverage, which can be viewed at the SecureNow website ( Depending on the option chosen between comprehensive cover, wide cover, or basic cover, the premium will vary.

The extensions opted for- The premium also depend on the add-ons or extensions you opt for in your policy.

Including the assessment of the right price to buy Directors & Officers Liability insurance in the yearly business plan is beneficial. It allows organizations to allocate resources effectively and minimize unnecessary expenses. It ensures that the cost of the insurance coverage aligns with the potential risks faced by directors and officers, striking a balance between adequate protection and financial prudence.

SecureNow’s expert team can assist you in purchasing the appropriate D&O insurance coverage to safeguard against potential business risks.  For further queries related to D and O insurance , you can write to us at or call us +91 9696683999.